New TECHART individualization range for the Porsche Taycan

It is known that Porsche owners considering an individually refined interior, engine power enhancements or exterior styling upgrades are in good hands appealing to the renowned German premium refinement company TECHART. With the development of its new individualization range for the Porsche Taycan models, TECHART puts the owners’ individual perception of the ideal all-electric sportscar center stage.

Just like any other TECHART program for Porsche cars, the new product range for the Taycan aims at utmost diversity of customization options. Therefore, TECHART’s engineering department is concerned with all spheres of customization. That includes exterior styling and aerodynamic design, carbon fiber parts and trims. Moreover you can choose all kinds of interior refinement and high-grade materials processing. Not least, TECHART meets the challenge to identify the potentials to further enhance engine performance, drive and everyday use suitability of the Taycan models.

TECHART Porsche Taycan Turbo Formula VI Wheel

New 22-inch TECHART Formula VI forged wheel available from August.

Slender spokes, low weight, appealing dimensions and particular sport-oriented styling. The all new forged aluminum wheel TECHART Formula VI stands for the aspirations of the TECHART program for all Taycan models. The forged aluminum wheel is available as of August 2020 for the Taycan models. Sizes: 10.0 x 22-inch (front) and 11.5 x 22-inch (rear).

A number of options for further personalization is made available in order to make it a perfect match for every Taycan. These include single and multi color paint finishes, an optional gloss turned front surface and, if desired, decorative accents in individually selectable colors.

TECHART Formula VI Forged Wheel

Taycan owners and prospective buyers can sign up for regular updates on the development status. The availability of the TECHART Formula VI forged wheel marks the starting point of the new refinement range for the Taycan. At the same time, the development of the TECHART aerokit, body styling options, interior design and other products continues,. That includes testing procedures and all kinds of homologation.

TECHART enables all interested persons to receive first-hand information by subscribing to a mailing list. Subcribers will stay tuned  about the finalized refinement scopes, technical details, pictures and availability dates. To be on the mailing list, registration is required at

Edited TechArt press release.
Pictures courtesy TECHART