Pictures of the new Porsche 911R leaked

Pictures of new Porsche 911R leaked?

It seems thatthe looks of the Porsche 911R are known to the public somewhat earlier than planned. Rumours are the pictures you can see here, are the official factory pictures of the brandnew Porsche 911R.
911R Pictures leaked?The purist Porsche 911R is essentially a Porsche 911 GT3 RS,  with a less extravagant look. Forget about the monstruous wing at the rear. The white body with red stripes clearly reminds to the Porsche 911R that wrote history in Monza, setting 5 world and 14 international class records.

The tribute car, that will be built as a limited edition, is told to be sold out, even long before the exact specifications were known to the public. Will the car be produced in a number of 500 cars, the number Huschke von Hanstein wanted to be build back then ? I’ve heard rumours about 600 cars too, or even a production number of 991.

I guess the only certainty we have is that the new owners have been digging deep in their wallets. The new Porsche 911R definitely won’t be a cheap car. I wonder what the initial price will be. And the 2nd question is : when will the first cars show up on the 2nd hand market, and at what price. In the current market, I presume not all cars have been bought strictly to drive, but rather as a pure invenstment.

All mysteries will be resolved tomorrow at the live press conference from the Geneva Motorshow.