Porsche 911 – die frühen Jahre (1963 – 1989)

The Porsche 911 celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.  Even though not all Porsche fans welcomed the new model with open arms, one could easily state that the streamlined silhouette of the Porsche 911 has thrilled sportscars fans around the world for 60 years now. And despite the virtual unlimited number of books dedicated to the Porsche 911, we never mind about another one being published

Introduced in 1963 at the IAA as the 901, the successor to the Type 356, eventually renamed the Porsche 911, became the epitome of the brand from Zuffenhausen. With this volume, Alexander F. Storz creates a lovingly illustrated and appropriately annotated monument to the icon. In a lively and knowledgeable manner, he describes the evolution of the exceptional sports car up to the “G-model”, the longest-built Porsche 911 generation.

sample page ‘Porsche 911 – die frühe Jahre (1963 – 1989)

In 11 chapters, the author tells us the story of the early model years of the Porsche 911. Of course, it all starts with a chapter about the predecessor, the Porsche 356. A fair amount of attention is given to the men who created it. It continues with a chapter on the Porsche 901, as the 911 was first named. 30 pages are spent on the evolution of the first generation of the Porsche 911.

Maybe unknown to many, is the Porsche research concept car FLA (Forschungsprojekt Langzeit Auto), a car that was meant to last forever. The book has a chapter dedicated to this car, presented by Porsche in 1973, and at first sight, not a recognizable Porsche.  But that makes it even more interesting, as very few books tend to spend attention to this kind of project by the research departments of Porsche.

No book on the Porsche 911 without special attention to the 1973 Porsche 911 2.7 Carrera RS and the first Porsche 911 Turbo. For the connoisseurs of the brand, no new information will be unveiled. But that’s not the goal of a book of just over 200 pages covering about 25 years of production. The book gives general, but quite good information on the subject Porsche 911. And a good thing is that there many of the pictures were unpublished before. For a retail price of just over 30€, there’s absolutely no reason not to buy it.

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Porsche 911 Book Cover Porsche 911
Alexander F. Storz
Motor Buch Verlag
April 25, 2023
192 pages
400 pictures