In 2018, Porsche had lots of reasons to celebrate. It was quite busy with the celebrations worldwide of 0f 70 years Porsche.  Last year however,  there were reasons to celebrate too. In 2019 the Porsche 993 celebrated its 25th anniversary. Andreas Gabriel of Berlin Motor Books grabbed that opportunity to bring hommage to the last air-cooled Porsche 911 with a brand-new book about the Porsche 993.

Hard cover with slipcase

As soon as you start reading the foreword, the author emphasises the historical importance of the Porsche 993. The change of the headlights to reduce the height of the fenders, the innovated six-speed gearbox, the exceptional glass roof of the Porsche 993 Targa, the introduction of the 4-wheel drive Porsche 911..  No other Porsche as the Porsche 993 has ever received more design awards.

The project start of the Porsche 993 – Porsche Panamericana style study

The start of the Porsche 993 project.

Gabriel starts the book with a chapter dedicated to the Porsche Panamericana. When Helmut Bott unexpectedly left Porsche, Dr. Ulrich Bez and Harm Lagaaij left BMW to join Porsche. As a study, they designed the Porsche Panamericana. This was the real start of the Porsche 993. The Porsche Panamericana was donated to Ferry Porsche as an anniversary gift for his 80th anniversary.


Porsche 993 – 25 years – Interview Bernd Kahnau

Just as in previous publications from Berlin Motor Books, the author Andreas Gabriel publishes interviews with people of importance in the history of the Porsche 993. Instead of reformatting the interviews, they are written down in a more uncommon question and answer style. That gives the reader a more direct insight in the mind of people like Tony Hatter and Bernd Kahnau, respectively designer and project manager of the Porsche 993.

Interesting read, and for many probably unearthed literature is the chapter about the Porsche 989, a four-seater evolution of the Porsche 911. Due to financial reasons, this car never made it to the market.

Porsche 993 – 25 years – Porsche 911 GT2

The Porsche 993 Model years 1994 – 1998 and specials

The previous chapters may be considered an introduction. From then on, you’ll find all information you want on any model of the Porsche 993. That information includes technical data, as well as information about transmission, engine, body  and interior.

Special editions of the Porsche 993 have their own chapter in “Porsche 993 – 25 years 1994 – 1998”, even the 1.000.000th Porsche that was donated to the German Police on July 15th 1996. 

Porsche 993 25 years – 911 Turbo S Project Gold


Just as the previous publications by Berlin Motor Books, “Porsche 993 : 25 years 1994 – 2019” is well worth buying . The book is published in a limited and numbered edition of 1998 books. The bilingual text (German – English) is pleasant and easy to read. “Porsche 993 : 25 years 1994 – 2019” brings a complete overview of the history of the last aircooled Porsche 911. On top of that, all model ranges and special models get their coverage.

All text is accompanied by pictures and illustrations, many of them directly from the Porsche Historical Archives and never published before.  The purchasing advice and price trends by Manfred Hering will be very welcomed by potential buyers of the Porsche 993.
There is absolutely no reason not to buy this book, and the price of 99.80€ is more than justified.


Porsche 993 - 25 years 1994 - 2019 Book Cover Porsche 993 - 25 years 1994 - 2019
Andreas Gabriel
Berlin Motor Books
December 2019
Hardcover with slipcase
357 pages with hundreds of pictures and illustrations