Porsche alle Modelle by Lorenzo Ardizio

The myth in numbers and pictures: Everything about the most famous Porsche models

The number of different Porsche models that were ever built in Zuffenhausen is amazing.  Even the biggest Porsche aficionado will be surprised to hear that that number is a multiple of the number of models described by Lorenzo Ardizio in ‘Porsche – Alle modele’.  “Porsche – alle Modelle” contains approximately 200 Porsche models.

Lorenzo Ardizio compiled the most famous models of the Swabian automobile manufacturer for this book. From the first Porsche 356 in 1948 , the world-famous Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 to the super sports car Porsche 959.
He describes each series in detail. On top of that, the description are richly illustrated and made almost tangible with design drawings by Michele Leonello. Among the cars described, are real racing champions and hardly known prototypes. Even die-hard Porsche fans will discover something new here.

The description of each car counts only 2 pages. That description includes a great drawing by  Michele Leonello and a small picture. They are accompanied by a brief description of the car. The description is concluded by the technical data of the car. It does not give you the detailed model information. However many will find the information sufficient. The final chapter of the book contains some motorsports information. The Porsche victories in the most important major races are listed in the last chapter : the 24H of Le Mans, 24H of Daytona, Targo Florio, 1000KM Nürburgring, 1000KM Spa, Porsche in F1… 

Consider this book as a Porsche model encyclopedia. You won’t find all information but it gives a good and brief overview of the most famous Porsche models. Definitely worth the money

The book is translated to German from the Italian original. So far it is unknown wether an English edition will be published.

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Picture courtesy Delius Klasing


Porsche - alle Modelle Book Cover Porsche - alle Modelle
Lorenzo Adrizio
Delius Klasing
416 pages / 408 pictures and illustrations