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Book review

I presume I don’t have to introduce Karl Ludvigsen. He’s probably the worldwide best known author of books and articles about the car and motor industry, and for us in particular about Porsche. Probably most of you have his master-piece “Excellence was expected” in your library.

This great book about the Porsche racing history from 1950 – 1955 is a real tribute to a period in history where being a motorsport photographer was a real adventure. A period without the very strict security regulations photographers have to obey for being licensed to the race tracks. Back then, they could reach the most dangerousand spectacular places on the track without any problems. A period they had access to the pits and pitlanes, close to the mecanics and race-teams. The pictures and stories in this book all date from that period , making this book to one of the best witnesses to race-history one can imagine.

Rodolfo Mailander is the name of the photographer of the pictures presented in this book. Mailander, who deceased in the spring of 2008 was a famous motorsport photographer, well connected with the car factories, and always living in a good relationship to the pilots and crews of the race-teams. This connections made it possible to Rodolfo Mailander to be on the right spot where the action took place. This, combined with his talent for photography, explain why Mailander could photograph this unique pictures, clearly showing the legendary Porsches and pilots who raced them. Hans Herrmann, Richard von Frankenberg, Huschke von Hanstein are just a few of many famous pilots you can find in this book.

Next to an astonishing number of amazing pictures, the stories told by Karl Ludvigsen are more than worth reading. He tells with his known accuracy parts of the history of Porsche, the pilots and race-teams, and ofcourse the different cars.

Another must-have for any Porsche and motorsports library.


Author : Karl Ludvigsen
Publisher : www.delius-klasing.de
Language : German
Pages : 384 pages with 453 pictures, hard-cover and slipcase
ISBN : 978-3-7688-3311-0

Porsche Pur Die Legendären Fotos von Rodolfo Mailander Book Cover Porsche Pur Die Legendären Fotos von Rodolfo Mailander
Karl Ludvigsen
Art & Photography
Delius Klasing