Cover Christophorus 2

Christophorus Magazine 2

Date : 1952
Number of pages : 40
Price in 1952 : 1.5 German Marks
Language : German

With a 4-page Special Edition : The Mille Miglia by Huschke von Hanstein

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Cover Christophorus 2
Cover Christophorus 2
The Sand Grey (Reutter #527) Porsche parked near a fountain in front of the castle. A man (I presume this is the grafical artist Erich Strenger) and a woman (Ursula Oberst-Strenger, wife of Erich Strenger ?) talking to the guards.
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Back cover Christophorus 2
Back cover Christophorus 2
Another Fish Silver Grey (Reutter #505) Porsche (not the same as on the cover of Christophorus 1 , as can be seen on the license plates) driving on a mountain road in a southern country, (presumably Italy)


  • Our history books tells the truth about the ancestors of the Porsche line.
  • C.O. Windecker writes about an intresting interview with Dr. Nordhoff.
  • In Italy, everything is different.
  • History of the staff, told by someone who leaves the company.
  • A lady and 40 HP.
  • Sports.
  • News about the German Police.
  • Technical issues about tires.
  • News from Porsche customers.