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A garage that has a Porsche in it, is in most cases more than just a garage. Many Porsche owners have a special relationship with their cars. Often they own even more Porsches. And all of them are very special, and the owners want the very best for their cars. And that reflects in the garages the Porsches are housed in.

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In ‘Porsche Garagen’ (german edition) / ‘Porsche Home’ (English Edition), you can take a look in the garages of some Porsche fans. You can throw an eye into places you would never see without ‘Porsche Garagen / Porsche Home’.  Collectors from countries like Germany, the USA, Italy, and Kuwait opened their garages. The result is an amazing photographic display of about 7 decades of Porsche history. And among these collectors are guys with a name that sounds like a clock. Co-founder and Porsche factory driver Patrick Long is one of them, as well as TV host Jay Leno and Porsche Ambassador and former Rally world-champion Walter Röhrl.

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Flipping through the pages of ‘Porsche Garagen / Porsche Homes’ gives you an insight into the passion of the collectors for the brand Porsche. The over 200 pictures allow you to admire their cars and the garages they’re parked in. And the interviews with the owners learn you more about the people behind the cars. A great read and a coffee-table book that will bring some joy reading the interviews and watching the pictures of classic and modern Porsches, from regular streetcars to pure racers.

This review is based on the German Edition (Porsche Garagen) of the book. However, the book is available in English (Porsche Home) and French (Porsche Garages)

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All pictures courtesy of publisher Delius Klasing

Porsche Garagen - Porsche Homes Book Cover Porsche Garagen - Porsche Homes
Delius Klasing
October 10, 2019
264 pages / 212 photos and illustrations
Available in Germand , English and French