In 2018 Porsche launched a new official social media account on Instagram: @Type7 was born. Even though many don’t even realize, there is a strong connection between the name of the account, and Porsche. The account was named after the prototype Type 754 short T7.  When Porsche decided to replace the successful Porsche 356,  the Type 754 prototype was the first design by Ferdinand Alexander ‘Butzi’ Porsche.  ‘Type 7’ wanted to reach a public that was young, ambitious and culturally inspired. About one year after the launch of the ‘Type 7’ Instagram account, Porsche and Delius Klasing present the sequel with the publishing of the ‘Type 7’ book. 

Type 7 – Volume One Back Cover

For active followers of the Type 7 Instagram account, the concept of the book will be familiar.  The redaction took the 49 best stories, added some previously unpublished pictures, added a story and made a book out of it. Well, this sounds a bit denigrating. But despite the good design, and even well-written stories, that is our impression of ‘Type 7 – volume one’. 

Type 7 – Volume One – Sample page

Now, we must admit that the pictures in the book are good. And most of them were unknown to us. Just like the Instagram account, it is all about the pictures. The photos tell the story, and the text adds some information. However, I can imagine some of you won’t even bother too much about reading. They’ll start thinking about the next drive in their own Porsche.

Others will be reminded of a visit to a museum, or a town, a race, an artwork. And actually, that’s what this book is about.. It tells us what most Porsche fans know… Porsche is more than a car, Porsche is a lifestyle. And ‘Type 7 – volume one’  shows us the lifestyle of other Porsche aficionados all over the world.  You won’t learn anything about Porsche, but ‘Type 7 – Volume one ‘makes a great coffee table book. 

Language : English

Book available at Amazon or Delius Klasing

Type 7 - Volume One Book Cover Type 7 - Volume One
Ted Gushue
Delius Klasing
March 31, 2020
Hard Cover
280 pages / 432 photos and illustrations