Porsche Racing Poster Book ‘Porsche – Die Rennplakate’ by Jürgen Lewandowski

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Everyone remembers the book ‘Porsche Plakate’ by Jürgen Lewandowski, published in 1984 and no longer available since a long time. This book was considered as the source for any Porsche Poster collector.

Now the new edition of this book has been published by DeliusKlasing, a german publisher.

As soon as in 1951 the first posters , designed by graphical artist Erich Strenger, were printed to celebrate class victory in the 24h of Le Mans race.

In 6 chapters, this book tells the story of Porsches strong tradition of publishing Posters to celebrate race-victories and special-events. Porsche posters became real collectors-items, and value is raising each day, especially for the early ones.

Chapter 1 : 1951 – 1959 The beginning of the Legend
Chapter 2 : 1960 – 1969 The overall victories get closer and closer
Chapter 3 : 1970 – 1979 This much horsepower was never seen again
Chapter 4 : 1980 – 1989 With the Porsche 956, Porsche is practically unbeatable
Chapter 5 : 1990 – 1999 The 911 victorious on every track, even at Le Mans
Chapter 6 : 2000 – now Porsche conquers the USA with the RS Spyder

Looks like this book will be a hit for Xmas and New year gifts for any Porsche lover.


Author : Jürgen Lewandowski
Publisher :
Language : German
Pages :
ISBN : 978-3768825153

Porsche - die Rennplakate Book Cover Porsche - die Rennplakate
Jürgen Lewandowski
Delius Klasing