Love for Porsche - Liebe zu Ihm Porsche and Motorsport Calendar 2019

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It may seem a bit old-fashioned to buy a paper calendar for your desk. Yes we know there are plenty of calendar and agenda apps available that you can install on your mobile phone . Just a few days ago, even Porsche announced “Porsche 360+”, a personal lifestyle assistant, that can help you to remember important dates or assist you in organizing your personal life. However, we are convinced these apps cannot replace the most appealing functions of a paper calendar on your wall. And that’s to decorate it. Bring a smile on your face everytime you see that great picture. Make you curious to see what next month will bring you. And that is exactly what our choice of Porsche and Motorsport Calendars will do for you in 2019

Love for Porsche – Liebe zu Ihm Porsche and Motorsports calendar

Love for Porsche - Liebe zu Ihm Porsche and Motorsport Calendar 2019

We have been travelling a lot in 2018 to be part of some of the greatest motorsport events you can imagine. We’ve seen so many great cars and had our photogear always ready. We’ve shot thousands of pictures at the Rennsport Reunion VI, Spa Classic, The Nurburging, Le Mans Classic to name just a few. It was a huge job to select pictures that we believed would make a fantastic calendar that fits the wall of any Porsche enthusiast. Buying the Love for Porsche – Liebe zu Ihm Porsche and Motorsports calendar is a great way to support the website.

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Porsche Timeless History Calendar




The motto of the new calendar is ‘Timeless History’ with which 13 photos invite you to Zuffenhausen. Together with legendary Porsche models and some true race track heroes, the calendar provides exclusive insights into the home of Porsche. Including collector’s edition coins and floor plan with descriptions of the Porsche site in Zuffenhausen. Digital features such as additional photos and vehicle information are available on the new Porsche Calendar app [optional purchase].  Available at your local Porsche Shop



Porsche Klassik 2019


A Porsche is more than a sportscar – it is a statement. The myth from Zuffenhausen stands for highest consequence in terms of design, technique and driving performance. For Porsche friends the Porsche Klassik calendar is as well a dynamic and diversed drive through the year. Like painted art different Porsche modells race through spectacular landscapes and dream roads of this world.

Twelve motives show Young- and Oldtimer in front of breathtaking nature scenery, each and every month stands for the keen vision of freedom and dynamic without limits. The design icons will inspire you with sportiness, individual exclusivity, their use of forms and proud Porsche owners – as well as everybody who (still) dream about the sportcars of our hearts.

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McKlein Motorsport Classic 2019

The motorsport of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s was a time full of adventure. The world’s best sports car drivers proved their sprinting skills for the Le Mans starts while in Formula 1, cunningengineers tried to give their twelve-cylinder Grand Prix cars more downforce with giant wings held by struts that were as thin as a matchstick. And in rallying, the drivers drove non-stop from Liège toSofia only to return home after a one-hour break. The calendar “Motorsport Classic 2019” captures the atmosphere of these wild and unrestrained years and brings it to your home or office thanks to twenty-five compelling black and white images. At the same time, this calendar has kept true to its principles by offering you the choice of two spectacular images per month. Thus it is able to show the full variety of motor sport of that era from Formula 1 to sports and touring car racing and rallying. All of these pictures come with a short description of these unique moments from bygone days.

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