Porsche only auction at Prototyp Museum Hamburg.

There’s absolutely no need to present the Prototyp Museum in Hamburg in the old harbor of Hamburg to you. Many of you may have visited it at least once, and probably all of you know how great and exclusive the collection of the Prototyp Museum is, with dozens of extremely rare cars, most of them Porsches or with a strong connection to Porsche or it’s history.

Auctionata is a German auction house, based in Berlin, that’s fairly new to the automotive auction market. After a Ferrari only auction some time ago, they do continue in the automotive direction with a Mercedes-Benz only auction on December 8th, and of course the reason of this article : the Porsche only auction on the premises of the great Prototyp Museum in Hamburg at December 12th.

25 lots are being offered for sale, all of them cars, so the pure memorabilia or literature collectors won’t find anything in the lots being offered. The cars offered are all of them Porsche 911s or derivates of all eras. Some of the highlights of the auction are a 1965 short wheel based Porsche 911 race car, delivered with FIA pass that is offered with a starting price of €160.000. Another 1965 Porsche 911 2.0 short wheel base is being hammered, this particular one in an unrestored condition so pretty sure it will reach a very high price. Expectations are €280.000 – €320.000
Another car that will probably end up in a collection is the Porsche 964 RS America. A total of 701 units of the RS America were built exclusively for the American market. It is based on Carrera 2 models and differs from RS models, made for the European market.

A true eye catcher is the lot with the Porsche 935, based on a Porsche 930 Turbo in combination with the Magirus Porsche Race Car transporter. Even though the race car isn’t an original Porsche 935, which of course declares the starting price of €120.000. The car left the factory as a 1977 Porsche 930 Turbo for the USA market, but has been rebuilt to a Porsche 935 and it has EU import documents. The transporter is a 1968 Magirus 186 D 17FL, converted into a race transporter with Porsche look. I guess this would really look great in a race car collection and it definitely will attract all attention when unloading your race-car at the track.

A very interesting car is the 1970 Porsche 911 2.3ST.Between 1970 and 1971 ca. 20 cars were converted according to specification/usage and classification (circuit, rally, series GT group 3 or special GT group 4) by the Porsche racing department in factory 1 and either prepared for factory team racing or delivered to racing sport customers. Only ten cars in 911 racing circuit version “Group IV Special GT“ were built. Porsche used the factory-made 911 ST versions as basis for the conversion. The 911 ST was a sports version of the serial made 911 S 2.2 liter, made lighter in two stages of development. The car is expected to bring €1.300.000 and €1.500.000.

Most important car of the auction is without any doubt the 1988 Porsche 959 with only 8.294 original km’s on the tacho. From May 1989 the car was part of the collection of Auto museum Albert Streicher in Germany, close to the Czech border. This car is like brand new and will probably attract the interest of many collectors. You don’t have an opportunity to add a pristine car like this to your collection. However, be prepared to dig deep in your wallet for this one. Bids start from €600.000 but will raise without any doubt to the expected €1.200.00 – 1.400.000 or even more.

The auction, hosted by German author and Porsche-expert Dr. Ulf Poschardt, will be broadcasted via live-stream from Hamburg’s Prototyp car museum on www.auctionata.com , and will be accessible to bidders worldwide.

The complete auction catalogue is available here Porsche Only Auction


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