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Porsche 917 - Classic Days Schloss Dyck 2014

Celebrating anniversaries at the Schloss Dyck Castle

The Classic Days Schloss Dyck will celebrate some important anniversaries. Next to Porsche, there is another car manufacturer located in Stuttgart.  Some of you may have visited the Mercedes Benz Museum. Those that did, definitely won’t regret the visit. In 2019, Mercedes-Benz celebrates 125 year of motorsport activities. And they bring some of their great cars to the Classic Days. Just for that, one would do the effort to join the party. But there’s more. Both Bentley and Bugatti are celebrating their annThe Ford Capri celebrates 50th anniversary. So does the Porsche 917 as we all know. And that anniversary will be celebrated at the Classic Days Schloss Dyck with the presence of some of these iconic cars. 

Eberhard Mahle
Eberhard Mahle

Coys of Kensington will be auctioning some classic cars at the Classic Days Schloss Dyck too. Especially for the Porsche 356 fans, there are some cars that migh be interesting to you. We’ve compiled all the Porsches that will cross the block at the auction in a preview. 

Friday will mainly be the day the classic cars arrive at the castle, and at the main gate they will be presented to the audience. More active classic car passionates can join the rally. Saturday and Sunday, there will be more action. The cars and motorcycles come on the track. Even though it is not proper racing, it still is a great opportunity to see iconic racers in action. And collectors of autographs need to bring their pictures and books. In previous editions, many legends joined the party, and nothing else will be the case this year. 

Highlights and Special Topics at the Classic Days Schloss Dyck 2019

  • 50 years Ford Capri
  • 50 years Porsche 917
  • 100 years Bentley
  • 110 years Bugatti
  • 125 years Mercedes-Benz Motorsport

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Pictures from previous editions by Vintage Race Photography