Porsche 908/03 ( Chassis 90803-001 Driver Peter Vögele)

The day before the action starts at Spa Classic 2019

Most visitors don’t even bother about visiting an event the day before it actually takes off. One could think there’s not that much going on the day before. We can assure you that is not correct. To prove our right we showed up early in the afternoon at the race-track to bring you a preview of the Spa Classic 2019.

Porsche 911, ready for scrutineering,and waiting for the competitors in the 2.0L Cup at the Spa Classic 2019

Most of the tents used to stall cars were empty when we arrived. The activities in the paddock were starting. Vans with trailers arrived to bring cars, huge trucks manoeuvring through the paddocks. And there is a coming and going of technicians and crew members setting up everything needed for the races the coming weekend. 

Unloading the trucks…

While vans, trailers and trucks were unloaded at the paddocks, the sound of cars on the track hang in the air. Unfortunately, participants of a track-day occupied the F1 pits. That made it impossible for us to bring you a preview of the Porsches in the Group C. I,m pretty sure the crews will have a short night to prepare the cars for tomorrow…

Porsche 935

While walking through the paddocks, we noticed a number of interesting Porsche’s that will be racing in different series of the Spa Classic 2019. For the 4-cam addicts,  both  a Porsche 718 RS 60 and Porsche 718 RS61 will compete in The Greatest Trophy race. Next to that, we spotted at least 4 Porsche 904’s. The number of Porsche 356 was not that impressive.

Wating for technical scrutinising in the Sixties Endurance area

Lots of early Porsche 911s

Plenty of early Porsche 911s were present. Of course, the 2.0L Cup that was baptized last year at the Spa Classic, is the main reason for that. Furthermore the 3 different versions of the early 70’s Porsche 911 RSR will be on the track the next few days.. Even though most of the cars had not arrived yet, we spotted signs for the 2.7 liter version, the 2.7 liter version and the 3.0 liter version..  There will be a few Porsche 934 and Porsche 935 t00. 

For the fans of real Porsche race cars, the Porsche 906 and Porsche 910 can be admired too, as  well as the iconic Porsche 908/03. Fingers crossed for good weather. We are ready.

Picture Gallery Preview  Spa Classic 2019 

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography