Born : June 16 1939
Deceased : June 12 2003

Biography Rico Steinemann

Rico Steinemann was born in Zürich, Switzerland and had an education as a journalist. As a journalist with a strong interest for the automotive world and motorsports, he founded the magazine Powerslide,  in 1963. Unfortunately the Powerslide magazine wasn’t the succes Rico Steinemann had hoped for and mid 1970’s Powerslide wasn’t published anymore.  In 1969 Rico Steinemann was the succesor of the legendary race-leader of Porsche, Huschke von Hanstein. Next to that, Rico Steinemann combined the job as Porsche race chief with a job in the Porsche press department till the end of 1971.

When Rico Steinemann stopped working in the automotive sector and moved on to the advertising world, little did he know that was only a small sideway in his career. Rico Steinemann returned to Porsche. From 1974 to 1979 Rico Steinemann was chief-editor of the Porsche customer magazine Christophorus, that was founded in 1952 by Richard von Frankenberg and Erich Strenger. Later he worked as a journalist for the Swiss TV and commented F1 grand-prix, and was active in the foundation of the Geneve Auto Salon.

As leader of the Porsche racing team, Rico Steineman brought the very first overal victory in the Le Mans 24 Hours to Zuffenhausen, when Hans Herrmann and Richard Attwood won the race in a Porsche 917. Earlier Rico Steinemann had his personal succeses in motorsport. Together with Dieter Spoerry, Rico Steinemann finished second in theoverall class at the  1968 Le Mans 24H , and he won the Prototypes Championship in a Porsche 907 Langheck.  Without any doubt, Rico Steinemann is best known as a member of the team that drove 14 world-records at the Monza track in a Porsche 911R in 1967.