RUF Automobile GmbH is delighted to announce that its daring designed new sports coupé prototype, the “RUF SCR 4.2”, makes its world premiere debut at the International Geneva Motor Show, Switzerland, which runs from March 1st to March 13th. The RUF SCR 4.2 prototype is created to excite your deepest emotions whether a short blast through your favourite backroads or on long journeys through every weather and traffic situation. A RUF is designed to make you smile.

Working with the company’s legendary founder Alois Ruf, RUF’s design team in Pfaffenhausen channelled the firm’s fifty years of sporting heritage into the SCR 4.2, retracing its lineage back to the SCR 3.2 released in 1978 – whilst manifesting a host of technical and aesthetic changes. The RUF SCR 4.2 represents the pinnacle of RUF’s long-running sports car tradition, and harks back to its predecessor with a powerfully emotive and nostalgic look that emphasises the exquisiteness of classically-inspired sports cars – matched by the typical understatement and classiness that characterizes the RUF brand.RUF SCR 4.2

The SCR 4.2 is configured with rear-mounted, water-cooled engine and rear-wheel drive, and its longer wheelbase is designed to improve weight distribution as well as straight-line stability, whilst enhancing the classic sports car perception of this particular RUF model. The SCR 4.2’s lightweight chassis disposition is matched by an equally well-considered interior that enhances the impression of lightness, enabling the driver to focus and fully enjoy the unique RUF driving experience. Traditionally, RUF’s designs are based on the basic principle that form follows function, and in the case of the SCR 4.2, this is manifest in the minimalist frontal area that helps reduce drag. RUF builds cars to suit all tastes, and essentially they include historical and futuristic references as well as being totally relevant to the present day.RUF SCR 4.2

As Alois Ruf says, “Here at RUF we translate emotions into cars”

RUF cars are rooted in a passion for mechanical excellence, aesthetic brilliance, driving pleasure and quality engineering, based on the RUF mantra: Drivability, Longevity and Reliability.

Once again, welcome to the pleasure palace of driving perfection!

Technical Data RUF SCR 4.2

Power : 525 HP  @ 8.370/min
Torque : 500 Nm @ 5.820/min 369 lb ft
Displacement : 4.185 cm3
Transmission : 6-speed manual gearbox
Top Speed : 322 km/h 200 mph

Dimensions & weight

Kerb weight DIN : 1190 kg
Wheelbase : 2342 mm
Power-weight ratio : 3,09 kg/kW / 2,27 kg/PS (hp)

Fuel consumption

Urban : 19,8 l/100km
Non-urban : 10,4 l/100km
Combined : 13,9 l/100km
CO2 – emissions : 329 g/km
Efficiency class : G