The Bonhams Auction in Paris : the results

1956 Porsche 356 carrera gs

The most important cars in the Bonhams Auction in Paris during the Retromobile show, were for sure the four-digit 1950 Porsche 356 pre-A, the Porsche 356 equipped with the Fuhrmann Engine, and the RUF CTR2. And as it seems to be going in the current auction market, we were surprised after the auction. 

The 1950 Porsche 356 Pre-A Coupe


1950 Porsche 356 pre A splitwindow
1950 Porsche 356 pre A splitwindow


In our preview  of the the Bonhams “Les grandes marques du Monde” auction in Paris, we told you about the 4-digit 1950 Porsche 356 pre-A. A 4-digit Porsche 356 is a rare car. Just that, makes it a very wanted Porsche. So we were not surprised by the hammerprice of €805,000. We had no opportunity to inspect the car ourselves. So we based our preview on the description in the catalogue of the auctioneer. And afterwards, that’s where it seemed to be tricky. I mean, we’ve heard quite some people telling us that the car wasn’t that good  as it should be. There seemed to be quite some problems with details, incorrect parts used in the restoration, and for exemple, the gaps were way to wide. Anyway, the final hammerprice was heavy for this rare Porsche 356 even though it wasn’t as good as it seemed to be.

The 1956 Porsche 356 Carrera GS/GT 

The 1956 Porsche 356A with the Carrera Engine will stay in the seller’s garage. Strange, as we believed a car like this would definitely find a new owner. It is eligible for rallies like the Mille Miglia and races like Le Mans Classic. And op top of that, a Porsche 356 Carrera is always a great addition to a Porsche Collection. We were wrong on this car. No buy with a final hammer price of €380,000 which was way below the lower estimates.

1997 RUF Porsche CTR2

Same story for the 1997 RUF Porsche CTR2 that competed in the Pikes Peak hillclimb. Very high expectations for this car. However bidding stuck at € 1,080,000. Way below the lower estimations and the expectations of the seller. No Sale.

1997 ex steve beddor RUF CTR2
1997  RUF CTR2

The results of all the Porsches sold in the Bonhams “Les grandes marques du Monde” auction

Lot 257 1958 PORSCHE-DIESEL STANDARD F208 TRACTOR Chassis no. IV/7008  Sold for € 14,950 =
Lot 267 1965 PORSCHE 356C CABRIOLET Chassis no. 161494 Engine no. 732181  Sold for € 126,500 –
Lot 280 1961 PORSCHE 356B 1600 COUPÉ Chassis no. 118029  Unsold, highest bid € 70,000 
Lot 288 1950 PORSCHE 356 SPLIT-WINDOW ‘FOUR-DIGIT’ COUPÉ Coachwork by Reutter Chassis no. 5310 Sold for € 805,000 +
Lot 295 1956 PORSCHE 356A CARRERA GS/GT COUPÉ Chassis no. 56778 Unsold, highest bid € 380,000 
Lot 306 1997 RUF PORSCHE CTR2 SPORT PROTOTYPE Chassis no. W09BC0364VPR06011 Unsold, highest bid € 1,080,000
Lot 333 1972 PORSCHE 911T 2.4-LITRE ‘ÖLKLAPPE’ TARGA Chassis no. 9112111184 Sold for € 86,250 – 

All Pictures courtesy Bonhams