Porsche 917 / Spa 6h

The weekend of 22 september the troops of the vintage car racers and their admirers gathered in the belgian south at the race track that’s considered the most beautifull worldwide by most of the former race pilots and those of today. Lots of heroic races took place on the curvy track,up and over the hills .. Spa Francorchamps.

The Spa 6hour race is probably one of the races most drivers are looking forward to , long before it even takes place. Not only because of the legendary track they’ll be driving, but the atmosphere among the drivers and the interaction between drivers and the public is fenomenal.

Spa 6hours / Porsche 956
Spa 6hours / Porsche 956

Just as previous years, the Friday is the day all the cars went on the track for training. People drive the track a few rounds, have their cars adjusted, go back on the track and see what the changes do their performance. Saturday, it’s getting more serious. Races started at 9:00 in the morning, different classes, all building up the tension for the big deal.. the start of the Spa 6 hour endurance race at 16:00.

It won’t surprise you when I say these endurace races ask a lot of both cars and pilots. Not only because of the rather technical nature of the race track, but the length of the race isn’t to be underestimated either. 6 hours of concentration, battling against the track, fighting for your position against your competitors, and don’t forget.. it starts in the afternoon, but continues until 10pm which makes it a night race too.

The Spa 6hours is just fabulous, so you better have an eye on the agenda for the 2013 edition.