The 2020 Zoute Rally “Private Edition”

For a long time, everyone believed the Covid-19 pandemic would prevent the organization of the 2020 Zoute Rally.  Even the mayor of Knokke,  Mr. Lippens declared  out loud at the start of the outbreak of the virus that no events would take place in Knokke. Nevertheless, the first weekend of October, the lucky few who knew about it, could admire some exclusive and rare classic cars.   

The few press members that were allowed, were emphasized not to publish any articles nor pictures before the end of the weekend. This way, the organization prevented the large audience from coming to Knokke. We all know from previous years that the Zoute GP weekend attracts tens of thousands of visitors under normal circmumstances.  Not in 2020 however. The Bonhams Zoute Sale took place, as we reported before

Zoute GP Rally 2020
Apal Porsche

Zoute Rally ‘Private Edition’

Furthermore there was the Zoute Rally, in a ‘Private Edition’  with approximately 175 classic cars on the entry list.  Traditionally quite a bunch of them Porsches of all ages. All types of Porsche 356, quite a lot of them open cars like the Porsche 356 Speedster or Cabriolet.  We even noticed 2 Apal Porsche’s and 1 Porsche 904 Carrera GTS.  On top of that,  the 2 familiar Porsche 550 Spyders participated in the Zoute Rally.

At the day of the scrutineering,  the entrants received their first roadbook.  A short rally in a radius of maximum 15 km around Knokke decided about the starting order for the next day. The rally took the participants direction Sluis (Netherlands) through curvy country roads. 

Zoute GP Rally 2020
Porsche 911


The 1st day of the Zoute Rally ‘Private Edition’.

Friday morning at about 8am, the first cars started in the rally. Just over 100 of them competed in the regularity, so they knew they had to conquer some RTs. The other competitors join the rally for the sheer fun of driving without the stress of constantly keeping an eye on the stopwatches. Thank god, the weather was quite good on Friday, despite the predictions. The roadbook took the cars to Diksmuide and De Panne.

On the closed parking lot of Plopsaland, an amusement park, the competitors waited a short test and a ride through the amusement park. Only after that, they could join lunch with exquisite foods.  After lunch, the cars headed back to Knokke, where another test waited them at Knokke Hippique. 

Zoute GP Rally 2020

The 2nd day of the Zoute Rally ‘Private Edition’.

was a day that started cloudy, and with some heavy rainshowers. But that didn’t prevent the participants to  have fun. The cars took off direction Ursel, where an RT waited them on a road adjacent to to the former military airfield. After a short tour on the Zeedijk in De Haan, the hungry stomaches could be filled in Jabbeke at ‘Lauretum’, a bay-tree nursery.

After lunch, the rally went back to the coast, direction Blankenberge, the pittoresque Damme and further to the finish in Knokke.  

Zoute GP Rally 2020
The finish at CWART in Knokke. In contradiction with previous years, no large crowds waiting for the participants to arrive…

Results of the Zoute Rally “Private Edition”

  1. Verstraete-Verstraete in a Jaguar XK120 OTS
  2. Martens-Pick in an Austin Healey A30
  3. Maes-Vanoverschelde in a Porsche 356C.

Lucky enough, the Zoute Rally could take place, even though in a ‘private edition’ without audience. Unfortunately the other events, that traditionally are part of the Zoute GP did not take place. So there was no Zoute Concours d’Elegance, no Zoute GT Tour, and no streets filled with podiums showing the most exclusive sportscars. Let’s just hope there will be a normal edition again in 2021. We’ll be there, no doubt. 

Picture gallery of the Porsches in the 2020 Zoute Rally “the private edition”

Pictures courtesy Vintage Race Photography (more pictures available, please contact us)