The Book of the Porsche 356 by Brian Long


The Porsche 356 belongs to the sportscars nearly everyone knows. You don’t have to be a car-nut to love this iconic sportscar. First on the road in 1949 with the extremely rare Gmünd Porsches, of which only a handful left the factory, back then located in Gmünd Austria. The car underwent an evolution during the years to be finally replaced by the even more iconic Porsche 911. However, it’s impossible to ignore the Porsche 356 as the ancestor of the Porsche 911, not only technically but even in the Porsches 911 from today, you’ll recognize the design of the cars from decades ago.

In ‘The Book of the Porsche 356’, Brian long describes in detail the story of the Porsche 356, the first car of the most successful sports car manufacturers. He doesn’t stop with the cars that hit the public roads, but brings us stories of the race and rally cars that derived from the Porsche 356.

This revised and reformatted edition has been thoroughly changed, compared to the previous edition with over 100 new pictures. The book gives a clear insight in the production numbers of the cars, and brings technical specifications that any Porsche enthusiast will like. No matter if you are a 356 collector, or just starting to restore a car, this book will bring you lots of pleasure with all the detailed information, and great pictures. Definitely a book that belongs in any Porsche library.


Author : Brian Long
Publisher : Veloce Publishing
Language : English
Pages : 300
ISBN : 978-1-84584-035-8

The Book of the Porsche 356 Book Cover The Book of the Porsche 356
Brian Long
Veloce Publishing Ltd
February 15, 2008