The Rolex Daytona – manual winding and self-winding

Rolex Daytona book by Guido Mondani

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A complete guide to the Rolex Daytona.

Even though a completely different world, there has always been a strong connection between sportscars and motorsports and watches. From the time people started driving cars with the goal to be the fastest, there has been need to measure that time. Not only the crew members in the pits, but the drivers themselves wanted to know their average speed. And that’s how watches and motorsports got their connection.  

Together with some of the early Heuer chronographs, The Rolex Daytona is one of he watches that speaks most to the imagination of racers. And you can’t come close to a race track without noticing some folks wearing a Rolex Daytona.  And there is a strong connection with Porsche too. All the  winners of the Rolex 24H of Daytona receive a Rolex Daytona as a gift. In 2018 it was exactly 50 years ago that Porsche won the Daytona 24H for the first time in a Porsche 907 LH. Since than the succes story has never stopped. Guido Mondani is one of the world’s best known Rolex collectors and a true expert on the subject wachtes and Rolex, and author of several books about different Rolex watches. The new ROLEX DAYTONA book describes every single Daytona reference, from its origin until today, including the latest models . The book starts with some general information about chronographs, Rolex and the Rolex Daytona. 

Complete reference guide for collectors, enthusiasts and dealers

Guido Mondani shows in detail all the different Rolex Daytona’s, including all the characteristics, and the dates of the beginning and the end of the production. Aall the essential details  that are important for collectors, enthusiasts and dealers are explained and illustrated with great pictures. Is there anything you want to know about the Rolex Daytona ? Well, there’s no doubt you’ll find the answer to your question in this Rolex Daytona book. The book comes in a grey cardboard slipcase which could have been stronger and more luxurious, but I presume it was only meant for protection during shipping, even though the package was secure enough for this valuable book. All references are presented with the dates of the beginning and the end of production; each model is illustrated with all those characteristics that determine the value and the rarity of the watch. In attachment to the book comes a separate booklet with current estimated values of all the published watches.

The book is not cheap, but well worth the money for those that want to invest in a chronograph as iconic as the Rolex Daytona and is available directly with the publisher Guido Mondani Editori


Rolex Daytona - Manual winding and self-winding Book Cover Rolex Daytona - Manual winding and self-winding
Guido Mondani / Osvaldo Patrizzi
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