The story of a champion : Timo Bernhard

Every great driver deserves a biography. Even though the race career of Timo Bernhard is hardly over, he is now one of the guys with his own life put on paper. Bernhard belongs to the most successful endurance racing drivers ever.  Trophys of all of the world’s major endurance races decorate his cabinet : Daytona 24H, Le Mans 24H, Sebring 12H, Nürburgring 24H.  And the list of victories doesn’t stop with just that. But as you all know, before a racer achieves that level of performing, there’s a very long way to go. And that’s exactly what ‘The story of a champion : Timo Bernhard” is all about. 

Story of a champion Timo Bernhard – sample page

In “The story of a champion : Timo Bernhard”, the author Peter Schäffner describes the race career of Timo Bernhard so far. In a chronological way, Peter Schäffner tells all the steps in the career of Timo Bernhard. After the foreword by Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, and a small introduction by Timo Bernhard in person, the book takes off.  The first chapter tells all about Bernhards ‘race education’.  In his first race in a real race-cart in 1991, Timo Bernhard brings home the trophy. And many more will follow. Bernhard moves on to one-seater races, in the Formula Ford, and turns out to be succesful there too.

Story of a champion Timo Bernhard – sample page

Porsche Junior

In 1999, Timo Bernhard signs his contract as Porsche Junior, even though his personal dream was to become a F1 driver. But Bernhard realised he couldn’t neglect the interest of Porsche. This means the start of steady relationship with Porsche.  First Timo Bernhard competes in GT races like the Porsche Carrera Cup and Porsche Supercup. Later Bernhard sets his first steps in the world of prototype racing. Seen the many successes, it won’t surprise you that the author spends over 50 pages just on this.

The Nürburgring means a whole lot to Timo Bernhard. And that deserves a chapter dedicated to the Nordschleife. The description of  the Nordschleife, and how Bernhard handles the main curves on the track is unique. The same goes with Le Mans, where Timo Bernhard writes history with Porsche that returns to the highest level of motorsports. 

Story of a champion Timo Bernhard sample page


All of this is written in an easily readable way. Hundreds of pictures illustrate the book, without ever being boring. Between the chapters, you can find short stories by people Bernhard got in touch with during his career.  From sponsors to colleague drivers and team owners, all have something to say about Timo Bernard. That includes great names like Mark Webber or Olaf Manthey. The statistics section summarizes the complete career of Timo Bernhard. All the results of every single race from 1991 to 2015 Bernhard participated in, can be found.  There is no doubt this book needs a prominent spot in your library

Language : German / English

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The story of a champion : Timo Bernhard Book Cover The story of a champion : Timo Bernhard
Peter Schäffner
Gruppe C Motorsport Verlag
248 pages / over 400 pictures Language : German / Englisch
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