A visit to California Porsche Restoration in Fallbrook, the avocado capital

During our annual stay in California for the LA Lit and Toy Show, it is easy to fill your agenda. So many events, open houses and shows, that you have to be a genius planner to fit them all in your schedule. So you have to make choices. And a choice we use to make every year is a trip to Fallbrook. Foodlovers probably know Fallbrook as the capital of the avocado and host town for the Avocado Festival. We however had a complete different goal. And we made the same conclusion as previous years again. A visit to California Porsche Restoration really makes up for the 2 hour drive from our base-camp .

CPR - California Porsche Restorations 2020

We decided to first visit the California Porsche Restoration showroom. It has mainly Porsche 356 and early Porsche 911s that are for sale. As you can see in our picture gallery, you have a more than average choice at CPR. My personal favorite was the 1951 Porsche 356 Cabriolet. But you better take a close look at the gallery to make up your own mind. In the workshops at the other end of the street, you can see where all the beauty in the showroom comes from. You could see the workshops as a live walk-through in the factory manuals. Body, engine, transmission.. every section has its own specialist to take care of your car. And from what we saw, we can only say California Porsche Restoration brings quality.  So for those that have missed the fun in Fallbrook, better make sure you have marked this event in your agenda for 2021.

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Picture Gallery California Porsche Restoration

Pictures by Vintage Race Photography

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