Weekend in Stuttgart : Porsche Museum , archives and Strahle Swap meet

Just as every year, beginning of November I travel to Stuttgart and environment.Goal of my trip is the Strähle Swap Meet at the Kunst und Technik Musee in Schorndorf. And since that’s only about 30km from Stuttgart, I combine this with a visit to the Porsche Museum on my day of arrival.
On Friday I visit the Porsche Archives to do some research for my website and my personal intrests, and saturday is the Strähle Swap meet.
For those that have visited the Porsche museum before, nothing much has changed. Those that didn”t visit the museum yet, I can only advice to have some more patience and wait till the new museum will be opened. I was told by Dieter Landenberger, head of the Porsche Archives that the new museum will be openend somewhere january 2009 but an exact date is not yet known.Besides that, it is intresting to know that there are already some cars in the new exhibit room, even though the museum isn’t opened yet. Read more about the new museum in an official Porsche Press-release.

On saturday I went to the Strähle swap meet. The swap meet isn’t that great. However this year some real exciting stuff could be found. At least 2 original factory Gmünd brochures, one of the Gmünd brochures published by the Austrian dealer Ebener. 2 Porsche 917 brochures, one of them signed by Piech. At least one Porsche 904 Carrera GTS brochure, a rare Porsche Jagdwagen manual. And last but not least an extremely rare , since in very good condition, original 1955 Porsche Speedster manual with supplement !!