Zeff Eisenberg

Born : March 22 1973
Deceased : October 1 2020

Biography Zef Eisenberg

Zef Eisenberg  was born and raised in North London. Eisenberg  attended UCS school in Hampstead. One of his lifelong passions was skateboarding. Another passion was speed, technolog. Those 2 combined made Zef Eisenberg to install an electric motor in a bicycle at the age of 15. A large electronics company even rewarded him for that technological achievement. 

At the age of 16, he decided to take up bodybuilding. One year later, and Zef Eisenberg can call himself thejunior bodybuilding champion of Great Britain. Protein powder was one of the products Eisenberg needed to keep in shape. Quite expensive, to Eisenberg decides to start a business to make his own. To keep in shape, he needed to take protein powder.  He studied for a BSc in nutrition in his own time. Later he developed a winning formula that was used by athletes throughout the UK.

Zef Eisenberg and the fastest Porsche 911 in the UK (Mad Max Race Team)

At the same time, the internet started booming. Eisenberg immediately realized the power of online business. He used the online channels to make his business grow exponentially. His brand, Maximuscle soon became the marketleading product. Reason enough for multinational GlaxoSmithKline to buy his business. At that moment, Zef Eisenberg loses his heart to the Guernsy and moves to the island. 

From then on, Zef Eisenberg uses his self-made fortune to pursue more dreams. One of them is his need for speed. He wants to push the boundaries of both the human body, and machines to record-setting challenges. He uses muscle cars, drag motorbikes and even creates the world’s most powerful turbine motorbike. Five years of intense work resulted in a number of accolades, including a new Guinness record for the fastest turbine bike in the world at 234.01mph.

Zeff Eisenberg – Mad Max Race Team

In September 2016, he survived Britain’s fastest-ever motorcycle crash when the turbine bike failed to stop at the end of the Elvington runway. Doctors said Eisenberg would never walk again. But after a recover of several months, he was back at the airfield to compete on the rebuilt bike. Later ITV approached Zef Eisenberg for the TV programme Speed Freaks.  The programme focues on the design, build and engineering of extreme cars. One of them was the  1200bhp Porsche 911 Turbo in which Eisenberg recorded a speed of 223.4mph on the famous Pendine Sands in south Wales. Furthermore was Eisenberg the founder of the Mad Max Race Team

Zef Eisenberg died October 1st 2020 during a land speed record attempt in a modified Porsche 911 Turbo S at the Elvington Airfield.