Legendary - Porsche 919

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In the summer of 2011, the Porsche Executive Board decides to return to the Endurance World Championship with a Class-1-prototype.  After all, Porsche celebrated the last overall victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans back in 1998. Way too long the members of the Executive Board must have thought. They want Porsche to take another place on the Le Mans’s podium highest spot.  And probably the new technical regulation for highly efficient hybrid racing cars is a decisive factor.  Hybrid and all-electrical cars are believed to become the future. And the race-track has always proven to be the best test lab you can imagine… Just a few years later, history books show us that the Executive Board was right. 

The author, Heike Hientzsch was a member of the Porsche press team during the active race career of the Porsche 919. As an eye-witness of all the sportive successes of the Porsche 919, Heike Hientzsch is probably best placed to tell first-hand stories. Not only successes, but there was also drama and setbacks.  Heike Hientzsch takes the readers in the pits, in the design department. You could virtually see the book as a behind the scenes tour of the Porsche racing department in Weissach. Everybody knows that’s Top Secret. So the reader should consider himself very lucky with that point of view.

Legendary were the results of the Porsche 919. 3 overall victories at Le Mans, 6 world championship titles for drivers and manufacturers. So “Legendary” is probably the best title that could be chosen for the 2 volume book. Volume 1 is a text-book, with all the stories. Volume 2 is a photo book that leads the reader chronologically through the history of the Porsche 919. 

The book is available both in German and English

Legendary - Porsche 919 Book Cover Legendary - Porsche 919
Heike Hientzsch
December 13, 2018