The small city Knokke at the Belgian coast is well known among car lovers. No special event has to be going on to spot great cars.After all, lots of the rich and famous of Belgium and abroad have a residence in Knokke because they like the city for what it stands for.. luxury, high society anda glamorous feeling one can hardly find somewhere else in Belgium.

ZouteGP_59I presume it is needless saying that the luxurious exposure is even enlarged during a top class event like the Zoute Grand Prix. Even though the event is only inIt’s 4th edition, organizers have over 50 cars on the waiting list. All people who want to pay the big bucks for an entry in the Zoute Grand Prix. Actually, it is not asingle event. The complete weekend, from Thursday up to Sunday, the city breaths vintage and sportscars.

During 5 individual events, visitors can admire hundreds of both vintage and modern sports and luxurious cars, both during a rally or just standing on a stage.Thursday in the morning, you could see dozens of vintage cars heading direction the technical scrutineering. A unique opportunity to see all the cars , have a talk with theowner and chat with other enthusiasts. By times it was really raining cats and dogs, stormy winds came slammed the coastal line, making it extremely hard times forboth the cars and the people, no matter if they were participants or just visitors. Sunset was way beyond when the last cars passed the scrutineering.

Friday early morning, weather looked more convenient, which didn’t mean there was no rain at all. Cars started according to age and soon we left in a shuttle to another locationfor pictures. The complete day the particpants crossed the region, most of the time on very pittoresque roads making it a lovely ride. Unfortunately there were only a few momentsthere was no rain at all, but despite that, you could feel the fun and joy among the participants. In the afternoon, there was a Flying Mile Competition after which the carsdrove on to the finish.

Bonhams had an auction on Friday evening, with some interesting Porsches like a 1961 356B Roadster, changing hands for 126.50 Euro inc. premium, or a one-owner from new 1994 3.8RS, one of only 55which was hammered at a stunning price of 270.250 Euro incl. premium. The early Porsches 911 confirmed once again their value, with a 1972 Porsche 911S Targa sold for 97.300 Euro.

Saturday the vintage car rally continued with as a unique higZouteGP_17hlight a ride in the Hippodrome in Ostend, without any doubt a unique experience for all the participants.On Sunday some Porsches at the Concours d’elegance, an invitation only event at the Zoute Golf, probably the most exclusive golf resort in Belgium. Intresting cars were the Belgian owned Porsche 917-021, well-knowncar since the publishing of the book solely dedicated to this car (see review) and a Porsche 911SCRS, which many of you may recognize.

Text : Tim Havermans
Pictures : Tim Havermans / Wilfried Geerts