Petersen Automotive Museum to Present 50 of the Most Iconic PorscheSport Cars of All Time

50 Porsches in ‘The Porsche effect’ exhibition to celebrate 70 years Porsche

Celebrating the worldwide impact of Porsche’s legendary machines, the Petersen Automotive Museum will present “The Porsche Effect” to the public on February 3rd. The new exhibit—organized in partnership with Porsche Cars North America and staged in the Mullin Grand Salon—will represent the most comprehensive Porsche display outside of Stuttgart. Museum guests will have a chance to see 50 of the brand’s most iconic cars both in the exhibition and in an all-new Porsche- dedicated vault tour in the museum’s underground treasury.

For seven decades, the Stuttgart based automaker has been overwhelmingly successful on racetracks and in dealership showrooms around the world, thanks to a combination of innovative engineering, an evolutionary design and the resulting dynamic brand that has inspired diehard fans for generations. “The Porsche Effect” features a collection of cars, historical documents and artifacts that will showcase the vehicles as kinetic art and illustrate the evolution of the brand itself—from early in the company’s engineering house beginnings through its modern-day road and race cars.

“Over a year in the making, ‘The Porsche Effect’ will capture the innovative and iconic spirit of Porsche, showcasing the marque’s many contributions to automotive engineering and the motorsports world,” said Peter Mullin, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Petersen. “We are thrilled to share this incredible history with the public in an experience that both passionate enthusiasts and casual fans will surely appreciate and enjoy.”

“Within my responsibility I have at Porsche, none is greater than the commitment of looking after our great brand,” said Klaus Zellmer, President and CEO of Porsche Cars North America. “With that, of course, comes the compulsion to support and honor our rich heritage. When the Petersen Museum first suggested we work together on what has become “The Porsche Effect,” I immediately saw the mutual benefits to both. We are looking forward to sharing the story of Porsche through rare and seldom seen artifacts and display elements, in addition to some of the most iconic cars or all time.”

The Porsche effect Peterson Automotive
1949 Porsche 356-2 Gmund Coupe

Some of the vehicles on display include the 1938 Berlin-Rome Type 64 race car, a 906 race car, the 919 endurance racer, the Petersen Collection’s 901 and Continental, a rare model “X83” Turbo S Flachbau 964, a rally-spec Type 953 911, the world-beating Gulf 917K, the Jägermeister 962, the legendary Porsche 935 K3 Le Mans winner belonging to Petersen vice-chairman Bruce Meyer and more. On exclusive loan from The Porsche Museum will be the 928 H50 study, a rare four-door prototype of the 928.

Prior to the public opening, a limited number of guests can purchase tickets to the preview reception, which will feature live music, gourmet food, and a curated panel discussion with iconic Porsche drivers including Hurley Haywood, Patrick Dempsey and Tommy Kendall.

VIP ticket holders will receive access to the museum’s exclusive Penthouse Lounge, where they can meet drivers and other Porsche legends. VIPs will also be offered a limited-run poster, copies of limited-edition Porsche literature, and a tour of the Porsche vault.

The exhibit will run through January 27, 2019. Those interested in attending the preview reception can purchase tax-deductible general admission and VIP tickets on For more information on “The Porsche Effect” or about the Petersen Automotive Museum, please visit

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