111 more Porsche stories that you should know

The best way to describe the “111 more Porsche stories that you should know” is in the own words of the author Wilfried Müller, when he introduced the predecessor.  The foreword of “111 Porsche stories that you should know” started as follow : ‘A book full of Porsche stories. Not a history book, and not a work of reference – but 111 crisp and delicious stories to amaze you, to make you smile, to delight you”.  

The new book “111 more Porsche stories that you should know” is nothing more than a sequel to the earlier published book. And once again, the author will surprise you with some of the stories told. We’re convinced that even the most die-hard Porsche fan will  have to admit he learnt something, by reading the book. 

‘111 more Porsche stories that you should know’ tells us stories from the early years of Porsche with the Porsche America Roadster all the way to the electric era with the Porsche Taycan. You will read about the cars and the races.  You will discover names  of people  you never realised they were involved in the history of Porsche in one way or another.  The stories of this book will bring you from the factory in Zuffenhausenn to Sydney in Australia, and from Africa to the ice-cold Sweden. 


111 more Porsche stories that you should knowWe strongly recommend to add ‘111 more Porsche stories that you should know’ to your library. This book will definitely bring you several hours of fun. You can pick one story at a time, or read it all at once. Or why not use it as a coffee-table book. Each story is accompanied by a great picture.  We just love the book

This review is based on the English version of the book. A German version is available too. 
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111 More Porsche Stories That You Should Know Book Cover 111 More Porsche Stories That You Should Know
Wilfried Muller
Emons Publishers
October 15, 2020
English (available in German too)

- The ultimate insider's guide to Porsche - the stories behind the legend - Following on from the incredible success of Volume 1 - 111 more insider stories from the dream factory - From the Coffee Tractor to the first epic turbo victory and the e-revolution - Fully illustrated with 111 full-page color photographs Here are 111 more gripping Porsche Stories that afficionados of the Stuttgart brand and sports car enthusiasts should know. Wilfried Müller tells the stories of very individual characters - no matter if in the race car cockpit or on the executive floors of the Stuttgart factory, the New York showroom or the Santa Ana racing headquarters in California. Meet Mark Donohue, Dan Gurney, Alwin Springer, Max Hoffman, Jackie Oliver, Brian Redman, Stefan Bellof, Björn Waldegård, Valentin Schäffer and many more. Enjoy the anecdotes of race cars dubbed Mickey Mouse or Kangaroo, Earl Rossi's 917 on the French Autoroute, tales from 10,000 mile rallies, Porsches that handled best when going 1.5 mph, and Porsches that were never built. Learn about the background to America's very own version of the legendary 962 racer, the story of the 356C SC Cabriolet, and the elusive America Roadster. Not to forget the chapter about magic Porsche words, which tell the stories of Porsche Design, "RS" or the "Schüttgut", the Porsche family's home base and retreat in the Austrian mountains. Also available: 111 Porsche Stories That You Should know ISBN: 9783740800352