2020 Zandvoort Historic GP

Nothing much has been going on in 2020 on the classic race car front. For obvious reasons, most of the classic races were  postponed or canceled. For classic car enthusiasts, that means it was a slow summer. But there was one lightpoint. Even though in a highly reduced version, the 2020 Zandvoort Historic GP went on. Only a limited number of enthusiasts could witness the races. One of the annual highlights , the Porsche village, remained absent. That meant the visitors could not enjoy the great race-cars or autograph sessions that usually take place in the cosiest corner of the track during the Zandvoort Historic GP

Zandvoort Historic
Picture courtesy Guus Docen

1st Formula 1 cars on the renewed track

We all know the Zandvoort race-track had a complete retransformation with the intention to have a F1 race in May 2020. Due to the virus, everything turned out a complete different way and the Dutch F1 GP had to be cancelled and postponed to 2021. So, the 1st F1 cars on the new track showed up at the 2020 Zandvoort Historic GP. Masters Historic Racing had 4 series in general during the weekend. That includes the Masters Historic Formula 1, the Masters Historic Sports-cars, the Masters Gentlemen Drivers and the Aston Martin Masters Endurance Legends.

Picture courtesy Trevor Noble

The Porsches in the different races of the 2020 Zandvoort Historic GP

Despite all, a strong contingent of Porsches made it to the race-track in the dunes. As you could expect, most of them were Porsche 911s, from one 911 model series or another.  Unfortunately no Porsche 356 or Porsche 914 made it to the track.  And it is always fun to see true Porsche racers, like the 911 RSR or the Porsche 934/5 on the track. Even though we believe that not all of the classic 911 RSRs are original, both we and the crowd adores the sound and view of these racers. Michiel van Duijvendijk and Pascal Pandelaar brought their Porsche 904/6 GTS to second overall. 

Despite the limited number of entrants and visitors,  the organisation can look back at 3 great days of historic motorracing. Exept for an occasional rain shower, the weather was quite good. The Zandvoort Historic GP was less hectic and crowded as usual but nevertheless as good as it could be. However, we all hope that the 10th edition in 2021 will return to the more crowded grandstands and paddocks. 

Picture gallery of the Porsches at the 2020 Zandvoort Historic GP

Pictures courtesy Guus Docen (www.motormarques.com) and Trevor Noble


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