2 Porsche 356 at the start, one in both classes.

The Zoute Rally is always one of the highlights of the Zoute GP Weekend.  We told you about the changed concept of the 2021 Zoute GP in a previous article. This meant that Knokke-Zoute would no longer be the only city to host events during the Zoute GP. Bruges and Ostende had their share part too. But start and finish of the Zoute Rally remained in Knokke, as well as the technical scrutineering. Scrutineering starts on Thursday. The whole day long, participants of the rally had their car inspected to be declared ready for rallying. After that, the starting positions for the rally the next morning were determined by a prologue nearby. 

2021 Zoute GP
Early morning, the cars arrive to start the Zoute Rally

Friday morning, as early as 8 o’clock, the first competitors drove up the start podium on the promenade to start the rally. The competitors lined up on the promenade for the start of the rally. Some were more nervous than others. A rally participant and a balladeer (without regularity) took turns to leave for a beautiful trip through the polders to the historic heart of Bruges. In Bruges, all cars entered the market square, welcomed by a huge crowd.  People from all over walked over the market square to admire the beautiful cars, while the competitors enjoyed an exclusive lunch buffet. In the afternoon the trip continued via many beautiful roads towards Knokke.

Second day of the Zoute Rally

2021 Zoute GP
Lovely sight of a Porsche 356 Cabriolet driving a scenic road

Saturday morning one could see the same scenes on the promenade in Knokke. Even before dawn, classic cars were parked everywhere near the podium. And while some of the competitors still enjoyed a breakfast buffet, others started the rally at 8 am again. This time, the cars drove towards the Netherlands. Just as the day before, some tests had to be completed.  Lunch could be enjoyed in the fantastic Mahy Expo at the Vynckier Site in Ghent. After lunch, all participants followed the roadbook back to Knokke, over scenic roads. When the participants finally arrived back at the Zeedijk, they drove through a huge crowd of visitors. 

Zoute Concours d’Elegance

2021 Zoute GP
The 1965 Porsche 911 2.0L Cup Car

The Zoute Concours d’Elegance had no less than 6 Porsches on display. All of them are part of the amazing 911Motorsport Collection. An absolute eye-catcher, and probably the most used car among the cars in the Concours was the Porsche 911 2.0L Cup Car. 911Motorsport entered this car in the 2.0L cup in the Peter Auto Events at Dijon, Spa, … A rare bird was the 2018 Porsche 935, one of only 77 cars, introduced at the Rennsport Reunion 2018. And what do you think about the Porsche 935 DP, a Porsche 930 transformed into a Porsche 935 by DP Design owned by Eckard Zimmerman,  immediately after it left the factory.

2021 Zoute GP
1981 Porsche 935 DP

With the Porsche 934, 911Motorsport brought a car that drove at 1976 the Le Mans 24H, with Jean Beurly at the wheel. Among the Porsche 911 Turbo’s,  a 1975 Porsche 911 Turbo is considered the holy grail. And exactly such a car stood on the golf court at the Concours. With the original 1967 Porsche 911R of 911Motorsport, a true Porsche icon completed the field. All these cars, one by one, were worth the visit to the Concours. And now the public had the occasion to see them at one spot. Truly amazing, isn’t it?

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Picture gallery Zoute GP 2021

Pictures courtesy Vintage Race Photography.