Zoute GP , the day before the action starts

One of the key events of the Zoute GP is always the Zoute Rally by Stow. And despite the changed concept of the Zoute GP, nothing else is the truth this year. After a private edition event in 2020 because of Covid-19, the Zoute GP organisation revved up  again and pushes the pedal to the metal to go full-throttle. A huge tent is placed near the Albertplein, better known as the ‘place m’as tu vu’.  And that’s exactly where a classic car fan had to be today.

Zoute GP Scrutineering 202
Driving to the final technical checkup

The Prado Zoute

Entrance to the tent costs 35 Euro.  And that allows you to see some of the most exclusive cars in the world. Just too bad Porsche Belgium decided not to be part of the event, in contradiction with previous years.  A large part of the tent is reserved for the Bonhams Zoute GP Auction, which will take place on Sunday afternoon this year. On the Zeedijk, the technical scrutineering of all the classics took place.

Bonhams Auction at the Zoute GP

The Zoute Rally

Just as in previous editions, cars from 1920 to 1965 could enter in 2 classes. The regularity rally with average speed and regularity tests is made for drivers who want a challenge in a daily drive of 250 km along a specially designed route. The FLYING QUARTER MILE, a speed test, adds to the tension. For the more sedate drivers, the organization provides the Touring Rally, a three-day drive at your own pace, with plenty of stops at original locations.

Zoute GP Scrutineering 2021-17
1955 Porsche 550 Spyder (Chassis 550-0057)

No matter in what class you participate in, your car has to be checked. After all, these rallies take place on the public road, so you better make sure your car fulfills all legal regulations: brake lights, blinkers, horn… As a visitor, you could admire a rolling museum of classic cars. 

Picture Gallery Scrutineering day Zoute GP

In case you see a picture of your car that you would like to have in high-resolution, please contact us (other brands too)