Early September our photographer Wilfried Geerts headed to the Flanders Expo in Gent to visit the Flanders Collection Cars show. And it was clear that the economic uncertainties raised by the current pandemic influenced the show in a very bad way. In contradiction to previous editions, the number of exhibitors was rather limited. Before the pandemic, 3 halls at Flanders Expo were transformed into a classic car show. In 2021 however, the show only occupied 1 hall. 

Miniatures of all kinds and sizes

One could read lots of negative comments regarding the 2021 edition of the Flanders Collection Cars. We however are pleased to see that the organization had the guts to continue with the event. And we just hope that the financial impact will not be in that order that the event won’t take place in 2022. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the picture gallery of the event.

You can find more information regarding Flanders Collection Cars on their website.

Picture gallery Flanders Collection Cars 2021

Pictures courtesy Wilfried Geerts