21st International Oldtimer Meeting Wervik ( Belgium)

Fairly unknown to the large public, the International Oldtimer Meeting in Wervik (Belgium) took place August 21 for the 21st time yet. It all started as a joke and has since grown into a mass event: the largest free oldtimer meeting in Belgium and northern France. Back in 2000, a group of classic car fans had to cope with some breakdowns and flat tires during a ride. They decided to just have a gathering the next year. The international Oldtimer Meeting Wervik was born and has about 1000 cars visiting the event.

Oldtimer Meeting Wervik 2022
Yes, of course you’ll find Porsches in Wervik

The organization chose no special theme for the 21st edition. The Oldtimer Meeting Wervik is a no nonsense event. The goal is to reach people interested in old cars, vintage vehicles, vintage mopeds or bicycles, beautiful sports cars of yesteryear, … Whether you have one, or just want to come and have a look. No entrance fee has to be paid, you can drive your car for free onto the event premises. And even the spots for merchants are free. 

Oldtimer Meeting Wervik 2022
Even enamel signs of our favorite cars to decorate your garage can be found.

All this makes the Oldtimer Meeting Wervik, especially when the sun is present too, to an event with a huge fun factor. You’ll meet enthusiasts for virtually anything that has to do with classic cars. That makes it a unique opportunity to have a chat with other passionate. And as you can see in the pictures, you might find some great stuff for your collection too. Next year, the event will take place in August 2023.  More information (in Dutch and French) can be found at.

Picture Gallery 21st International Oldtimer Meeting Wervik  2022

Pictures courtesy Wilfried Geerts