24:16 Le Mans 24H : 16 wins with Porsche

24:16 Le Mans 24 Hours - 16 wins with Porsche : Norbert Singer

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Back in 1998, Porsche had 16 overall victories in the Le Mans 24H. A far better result as the competitors. Ferrari had 9 victories, Jaguar 7, Bentley 6 and Audi 5.  The man behind all of these 16 overall victories is Norbert Singer. Norbert Singer joined Porsche as a young engineer, straight out of university in Munich. Immediately he ended in the race department where he got the job to improve the cooling of the gearboxes on the legendary Porsche 917 race cars.  His first task was successful and Porsche 917s dominated the event in 1971 as well as in 1972, the first year Singer attended the great race. 

Norbert Singer was then given the task of developing the 911 road car for racing. That’s how Norbert Singer created what is by far the most successful customer car that Porsche ever produced, the Porsche 935, a car which won at Le Mans in 1979. Later Norbert Singer was involved with the design of the body work of the Porsche 956 and Porsche 962 race cars.  He did a tremendous job, and the Group C cars won no less than 7 Le Mans titles. Finally Norbert Singer was responsible for the Porsche GT1-98 project which achieved Porsche’s 16th Le Mans victory in 1998.

In the book “24:16 Le Mans 24 Hours : 16 victories with Porsch” Norbert Singer, with the help of Michael Cotton, tells us the behind-the-scenes of every of the 16 overall victories he was involved with, in the most crueling 24H endurance race one can imagine : the Le Mans 24H.

This book has become very collectible, and is out-of-print since a long time. It took me a while to find one and glad to have it finally in my Porsche library. An absolute must-have for any Porsche fan, Le Mans 24H addict or endurance racing enthusiast.


24:16 Le Mans 24 Hours 16 Wins with Porsche Norbert Singer Book Cover 24:16 Le Mans 24 Hours 16 Wins with Porsche Norbert Singer
Norbert Singer / Michael Cotton
Coterie Press
June 1st 2006