Die Porsche-Technik by Jeff Daniels

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Ingenieurskunst aus Zuffenhausen

The Porsche Technique is the title of the book, and that’s exactly what it is all about.. The author, Jeff Daniels, describes with great detail and lost of knowledge the ‘Engineer art from Zuffenhausen”, which not only attracts people who love to drive a Porsche, or who just adore the different models, but also those who are intrested in the more mechanical side of cars. And both the model and the mechanical superiority of Porsche made it to what is is now.. a true myth.

From the outside, a Porsche hasn’t changed a lot since it first appeared on the streets. Compared to other cars, this can be considered as rather conservative. However, when you look under the skin of a 911 , the evolution is just fabulous. Each model of a Porsche 911 is so different compared to its ancestor, and shows ingeniousity and craftmanship.

Jeff Daniels explains these differences to the detail in clear language. The book counts numerous pictures and drawings which clearify even better what the author describes. And both text and pictures make clear that every model of the 911 was ahead of its time.

By the way, this isn’t only true for the Porsche 911, this statement is true for any model designed by Porsche, from the Volkswagen to the latest 997, including the Porsche 928, 959, Boxster, and ofcourse the magnificent turbo-technology.

If you are intrested in the technical evolution of Porsches, then you really should have this book in your library. It’s really a nice read.


Author : Jeff Daniels
Publisher : www.delius-klasing.de
Language : German
Pages : 248 pages with 91 color pictures , 41 bw pictures and 73 drawings
ISBN : 978-3-7688-3147-5

Die Porsche-Technik Book Cover Die Porsche-Technik
Jeff Daniels
Delius Klasing