A preview to the Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring

At the Oldtimer Grand Prix, the Nürburgring will be transformed into a true festival of classic racing from August 11 to 13, 2023. The well over two dozen races and driving events in the 13 classes will offer an emotional journey through motorsport history: from pre-war vehicles to the dreamlike sports cars of the 1950s and 1960s and early Formula 1 cars to the legendary touring cars from the DRM and DTM.

2017 AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix

But that’s not all: as befits a real festival, there will be something to see or experience in almost every corner of the Nürburgring this weekend. In the paddock, the large driver-team tent will attract visitors, and media partner Motorklassik will present legends of the Oldtimer Grand Prix.  Tickets, further information and the current schedule also for the fan activities are available on the official homepage at www.oldtimergrandprix.com.

Le Mans Start at the AvD Oldtimer GP 2016

The grandstand at the start and finish line in particular is also sure to be packed for two special displays, namely when the Le Mans start demonstrations are scheduled. This starting procedure from the days of the founding fathers of motorsport will of course only be included in the schedule today for demonstration purposes. After the first turn, the first thing to do is “stop” to tighten the seat belts one more time! Nevertheless, this start certainly offers a great experience for all involved. On Saturday, it is the final prelude to the evening program, because after the pre-war cars, the run of the two-seater sports cars and GTs of the 50s is on the agenda. Traditionally, the 65-minute race leads into the twilight and ends with a fireworks display after the finish. The victorious participants then do not roll into the pits or to their team tents in the paddock, but drive up to the large marquee in the paddock, where an atmospheric come-together is scheduled.

Demo rides with Formula cars and OGP legends

Many fans in the grandstand will also be eagerly awaiting two demonstration runs scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. One will be themed around the history of Formula 1 and Formula 2, inviting reminiscences of legendary drivers and cars. A second parade is forming on the Grand Prix circuit to mark the event’s 50th anniversary. Long-time participants and formative vehicles from the OGP history have been invited to participate here. The defile of these very special cars will surely be an emotional highlight of the weekend especially for the organizers and the most loyal participants.

You might even stumble upon self-declared Porsche guru Magnus Walker, as we did in 2016

Historic paddock with pre-war cars

2017 AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix

Even though there is always something to see on the Grand Prix circuit during the weekend, it is also worth taking a stroll around the grounds. This starts in the historic paddock, where pre-war cars can traditionally be admired. This year, they will no longer be racing in a sporting classification, but will be organized purely as a driving event. This brings additional participants to this part of the event, which is of course perfectly accommodated within the walls of the 100-year-old pit area at the Nürburgring. The “100 Years of MG” exhibition on the north side of the paddock in front of the CHRSN tent is also well worth a visit. It shows models from the history of the British brand from the pre-war period to the present day.

New driver team tent in the paddock

Night Race AvD Oldtimer GP 2017 / Porsche 550 Spyder / Franca Pedrazzi

Probably one of the most striking new features in the paddock is the large driver team tent in the area next to the heliport. Here there will be catering and a program throughout the weekend, and driver interviews and autograph opportunities will be offered. In addition, the teams and active drivers will also be guests here, so that there will certainly be opportunities for many exciting encounters. Right next door, there will also be fun for the whole family with a bouncy castle and a photo bull. There will also be super sports cars to admire in a small parking area.

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Translated and edited press release
Pictures courtesy Tim Havermans