ex Jean Behra Porsche 817 RSK

The 2nd weekend of august is a highlight in the European vintage car season. The Nürburgring in Germany turns into a unique rolling car museum.Hundreds of collectors from all over Europe bring the most unique cars to the Nürburgring to race the legendary Nordschleife or the F1 race track.Thousands of visitors, many of them in a vintage car enjoy the unique atmosphere that lives on and near the track, and in the lovely village Nürburgand surroundings.

AvD Oldtimer GP 2012
Porsche Parking

Liebe zu Ihm started the AvD weekend on Thursday, a day before the actual opening of the event, and visited both the Nordschleife, where atthat exact moment some lessons of the Porsche Driving Experience took place. Nice to see, but we were there for vintage car fun. So we went back to the premises of the ‘alte Fahrerlager’ and the F1 track where the entire weekend action would take place.

To my great surprise, the first cars I stumbled upon where a Porsche 550 Spyder, 2 Porsches 718 and another special bodied Porsche 550 Spyder. Just watching these cars justified my visit, and this was only the beginning of a great weekend.

Friday is the only day the legendary Nordschleife is used during the event for some trainings and races, of which the Marathon is the most spectacularwith dozens of cars, from the big engine powered Corvettes up to the small Ford Cortina’s, all of them race in different classes. On the contrary to last year,this year the weather was extremely good and sunny. This of course raised the speed with, as usual, a very spectacular race style of Dr. Armin Zumtobel and hisco-driver Walter Röhrl. Not without success as they gained 2nd place overall in an early Porsche 911, against competitors in cars with more power and displacement.

Gaby von Oppenheim
Gaby von Oppenheim

Great result too for Gaby von Oppenheim, a regular competitor in vintage car races and rallies, with a 7nd overall in her 1965 Porsche 911.

Both Saturday and Sunday all the action took place on the F1 track of the Nürburgring. Trainings, timing sessions and races started from the early morning and continuedall day long. On Saturday evening another great personal highlight with the night race where the earlier mentioned Porsches 550 Spyder and Porsches 718 competedagainst Ferrari’s, Maserati’s, Corvette’s, and others… Some great Porsches 356 in this race too. This night race is really entertaining for visitors, as you see the cars starting the race in daylight, and ending the race after dawn.

This year, more great cars in other races too, like no less than 4 Porsches 904 in action, which I’ve only been lucky enough to see once before, at the Rennsport Reunion IV last yearat Laguna Seca. And isn’t it always beautiful to see cars like a Porsche 907, Porsche 906 Carrera 6, or Porsche 910 driving just a few meters from you at full speed. Or theDeutsche Rennsportmeistershaft which is truly the ultimate racing experience for the spectators. The most powerful derivatives of the Porsche 911 on the track, the Porsches 935s,the Kremer Porsches which have a great sound. And no other words for this cars as ‘impressive’ with the big tails and spoilers, backfiring and throwing flames when slowingdown for a curve. Spectacular it is, and hard to describe in words, or even pictures. You better make sure you‘ll be there too, next year, the 2nd weekend of august.