2015 Antwerp Classic Salon

2015 Antwerp Classic SalonThe first weekend of March, the Antwerp Expo was filled to the top again with hundreds of classic cars, parts and anything one can imagine that has a relation with the world of vintage cars and their enthusiasts. In it’s 38th edition yet, this prestigious vintage car show had Jaguar as the main theme “80 years of Jaguar Sporting History” with some great examples that were part of the sport and racing history of the make : the SS100, the lightweight E type, and of course the famous C and D types. More recent cars, but on its way to become a classic too was the XJ220.

One of the major attractions of the Antwerp Classic Salon is the event-hall where all the different vintage car clubs reside. They all do their uttermost best to represent the cars they like so much in the most fashionable and original way, in order to spice their club bank account as there’s an important money prize awarded to the club that’s elected for having the best and most beautiful stand.

Over 20.000 square metres of pure vintage car fun, hard to imagine a more pleasant way to spend some time between full concours cars, daily drivers or cars that still need a restoration and a new caretaker. Looking for parts or tools ? Sure, no better place to be than on a vintage car show. Still need a manual or some interesting technical literature on your favorite make. Exactly the spot where you could find all this.

Of Course we went to admire all this adorable cars, but as Porsche has a special place in our heart, we were mainly focused on the Zuffenhausen cars. As usual there was a great representation of our favorite cars, and once again we were stunned about the prices asked for decent or less decent cars.

Porsche 356 A 2015 Antwerp Classic Salon
Porsche 356 A

No matter whether is a 356 or pre 73 911’s, prices are exploding, and reaching the stars. Even rather ‘normal’ Porsche 911s from these years are becoming very valuable. Prices on the impact bumper Porsches seem to start rising too, and again it becomes clear that formerly less likes Porsches like the 924 and 928 start getting attention too.

Porsche Classic Club Belgium had a great stand with some amazing cars. Those that didn’t know yet : the International Porsche 356 Meeting will take place in Belgium and is organised by the Porsche Classic Club Belgium. Looking forward to that event too.