Auction of the Milou Collection in Ladenburg

When a tourist walked the streets of Ladenburg in the sunny weekend of the 11th and 12th May , I’m pretty sure they must have thoughtthere was something special going on. And probably some of them found out what exactly, as they may have stumbled upon the ‘party-tent’with the 4 gorgeous Porsches 911 in it. These Porsches 911 were to be auctioned by the Auctionhouse Seidel & Friedrich on Saturday May 12, as part of the complete Milou Collection. Porsche aficionados from all over the world gathered in Ladenburg, one of the oldest cities in Germany, to witness the auction, or take part in the bidding.

In the auction room , you could admire lots of the collection to be sold too. However, this auction wasn’t about the Milou Collection only, as there were over 3000 lots to be auctioned, of which about 470 from the Milou Collection. So not only Porsche bidders, but vintage car lovers of any kind , memorabilia collectorsor just people enjoying the atmosphere of an auction.

And, not only Porsche related stuff in the Milou collection. Lots of very interesting pictures and literature from the fifties was sold, where the Milou Collection was mainlyconcentrated on the mid 60s till mid 70s era of our favourite car. And the auction prices confirmed once again, that anything with Porsche written on it, seems to change in gold.I presume it must have been a worldrecord, the 911R manual that sold for a stunning 12000 Euro. The completely original Porsche 911 S , that sold for 130.000 Euro, and the ex Jo SiffertPorsche 911S, a factory gift to the swiss race drive, that was hammered at 155.000 euro. Early 911 sales literature seems to be very popular with some crazy prices like over 1000 eurofor not that uncommon brochures and leaflets.

And ,not to forget, such an event is always a great opportunity to meet people, get in touch with fellow enthusiasts and people collecting the same things as you do. So I will be at thenext auction in Ladenburg too, even if it’s just for a nice chat with some foreign friends.