Spa Classic 2012

After months of impatiently waiting and looking forward, last weekend the big moment was there. The long waited-for and much promising 2nd edition of the Spa Classic, organised by the french Peter Auto, also responsable for Le Mans Classic. Over 13000 visitors from all over Europe gathered at the most beautifull race track of the world, Spa Franchorchamps and enjoyed a weekend with lots of thrill, races, cars, a great atmosphere and ofcourse the sun.

The last few weeks, Belgium was literally drained by continues rain and bad weather. It really didn’t look like spring here, but the weather gods were with us race fans, and made sure the Spa Classic 2012 weekend wasn’t ruined by rain.

Spa Classic 2012 Peter Auto
Porsche Durlith Spyder

On the contrary, 3 days of full sun, one reallly had to use protection , if not you’d probably return home with severe sunburn.

Exactly as last year, there was a great number of Italians cars competing in the Tropheo Nastro Rosso. Ferrari’s 250 GTO competing against Bizarinni’s, Alfa Romeos from the late fifties early 60s; It’s always great fun. On Sunday, there was a celebration of the Ecurie Franchorchamps, and in remembrance of Jacques Swaters, one of the tunnels under the racetrack was named after this wellknown Belgian racedriver.

But ofcourse, we visited the event with our focus on Porsche. And we saw some great cars. Numerous Porsches 911, RS and RSR, Porsches 356, Porsche 904, Porsche 550 Durlith Spyder, Porsche 906, Porsche 907, Porsche 908, Porsche 910. ..

Indeed, it was mouth-watering and the great cars, combined with the lovely weather ,and the brave pilots fighting the horsepower of their machines to master the track, made the weekend just awfull.

Looking forward to the 3rd edition in 2013, I’ll be there.

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