Probably not the best known Oldtimer Show in Belgium, nor one of the largest. However, it is rare to hear someone complain after him returning from the Auto Retro in Bruges. Reason for this all is without any doubt the cosiness of the show, the kindness of the people, and a unique opportunity to combine the visit of a vintage car show with a walk through the inner-city of Bruges, commonly considered one of the most beautifull cities in the world and an excellent spot to have a great lunch.

The Auto Retro takes place in a venue located close to the centre of the city. This year, in it’s 35th edition yet. Since a long time yet, the Auto Retro has a central theme each year. Last year for example the Porsche Speedster had the honours to be chosen. This year you could see the Citroen DS as the central car. The Citroën DS celebrates it’s 60 anniversary soon. Another central theme was the English car-builder Morgan, known for building exclusive cars for over a century.

Despite the fact that Auto Retro is not the largest car-show, it had lots of great cars for us Porsche aficionado’s too. Seen the continuously rising prices of the early Porsches, the popularity of the more modern cars seem to rise too, which explains the presence of these cars too. Ofcourse the collectors of toys, memorabilia and literature could make a choice too, and in case you were looking for another part for your project, the Auto Retro was a good opportunity too. After all, you never know where that last bit you are looking for might show up.