For many sportcars enthusiasts, Hans Heyer is a rather uncommon and unfamiliar name. However, he is the most successful German go-kart driver, two times world championship runner-up, four times European champion, and several time Geman and Dutch champion. He is also three times DRM champion, and had numerous wins in European touring car championship. He won all legendaries 1,000km races and participated several times in the Le Mans 24 Hours. He won the Paris-Dakar for trucks and even participated – illegally – in a Formula One race.

In 19 chapters, the authors cover the complete career of this remarkable all-round race-driver, who was likely to be seen wearing a typical Tyrolean hat, whom he was very affected to. After his horrifying crash at the Norisring in 1980, all spectators see him climb out of his wrecked Lancia, unhurt. To many’s disbelief he first grabs his beloved hat out of the car, before crossing the race-way to climb over the safety-guards. When a journalist tells him he thought that was a rather strange behaviour after such a terrific crash, Heyer replies that’s the way he Always climbs out of his car.

300 pages and about 450 pictures, many of them in colour, and the complete list of race-results of Hans Heyer throughout his career make this a very intresting book.

Author : Michael Behrndt, Ferdi Kräling, Uwe Mahla
Publisher : www.sportfahrer-zentrale.de
Language : German
Pages : ca 300 and +/- 450 pictures
ISBN : 978-3-945390-02-3

Hans Heyer Book Cover Hans Heyer
Michael Behrndt, Ferdi Kräling, Uwe Mahla
Biography & Autobiography
Sportfahrer Verlag

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