Exclusive Interior for the Porsche Macan models


TechArtMacan_7Craftmanship for the comfort zone. TECHART Automobildesign refines theinterior of the Porsche Macan models according to the customer’s personal requirements. With theexclusive TECHART Interior Refinement Options the only important measure is him. TECHARTAutomobildesign presents this excellent interior refinement at 85th Geneva International Motor Showfrom March 5th to 15th 2015.

TECHART Independence.

Whether sportive or elegant, puristic or luxurious. The only boundaries of the TECHART InteriorRefinement for the Porsche Macan models are set by the personal taste. The customer is able tochoose either from the creation of a full TECHART Leather Interior down to the last detail, or contrastyhighlights in combination with the standard equipment. A harmonic adjustment to the design elementsof the vehicle’s exterior is possible at any time. The individuality of each single customer is satisfiedprecisely through high quality TECHART Interior Solutions, far beyond the standard product range.

TECHART Manufactory.

Specialist craftsmen of the TECHART in-house saddlery create classy interior solutions for the PorscheMacan models. Any equipment option can be realized through experienced TECHART master saddlers.The customer’s ideas and imaginations are consistently translated into reality with precision, care and akeen sense of aesthetics. Thereby the customer always represents the point of origin of the creativedesign process. Upon request he is able to receive constructive advice directly in the TECHARTsaddlery. The customer’s inspiration arises from his own preferences; TECHART Specialists escort himon the way to his personal fingerprint in the vehicle’s interior.

TECHART Impression.

Handpicked types of leather and finest surface finishing. A stylish interplay of colours and patterns.These are the ingredients of a unique TECHART Interior for the Porsche Macan models. TheTECHART Manufactory does not only arrange the treatment and fitting of high quality materials, butalso the worldwide sourcing of those.

TECHART Interior Refinement for the Porsche Macan models.

The TECHART In-house Saddlery leaves nothing to be desired in the interior of the Porsche Macanmodels. Exquisite TECHART Leather Equipments are complemented by TECHART Interior StylingPackages, selectively painted, in carbon fibre or in exotic woods. By request they customize seats,dashboard, centre console or door panels. The new ergonomically shaped TECHART 3-spokesMultifunctional Sport Steering Wheel with TECHART Paddle Shifters allows proper vehicle handling.The TECHART Aluminium Sport Pedals and the TECHART Aluminium Foot Rest provide ideal grip forprecise control of throttle and brake. Extra features such as TECHART Floor Mats, the TECHARTLoadspace Floor Mat as well as illuminated TECHART Door Entry Guards grant imaginativeinterpretations in the vehicle’s interior.
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