Born : Januari 25 1930
Deceased : March 26 2007

Biography Heinz Schiller

Heinz Schiller was born in Frauenfeld, a small village in the vicinity of Winterthur and about 40 kilometers from Zürich. In the 1950s Heinz Schiller started speedboat racing. He enjoyed success at a national level. It is unclear why but Heinz Schiller’s attention was brought to car racing. Probably he had an insatiable hunger and need for more speed.  So in the mid-fifties the former speedboat champion, started racing a Porsche sports car. He enjoyed somme succes, and participated in the 1957 Mille Miglia.  In his Porsche 550A Spyder (550A-0127)  he finished 11th overall and 2nd in class.

1957 Mille Miglia – Heinz Schiller – Porsche 550 Spyder (550-0067)

In that same car, Schiller participated in the GP Pau in the south west of France. Auguste Veuillet, famous for his class victory in a Porsche 356 Gmund SL at the 1951 Le Mans 24hours, took part in this race too, in another Porsche 550 Spyder (550-0067). The two Porsches never lost sight of each other throughout the 50 laps. Veuillet and Schiller were running wheel to wheel in their Porsche Spyders. After 15 laps a shower of rain made the circuit like an ice-rink. Heinz Schiller spun so Veuillet could take a little advantage. Veuillet finished 5th overall, Schiller 6th , both 2 laps behind Maurice Trintingant who won the race in a Cooper-Climax.

After the tragedy in the 1955 Le Mans 24H, Switzerland banned circuit racing in the country. Hillclimbs however were allowed, and lots of the sportive efforts of Schiller went to this type of racing. In 1962, Schiller started in a few non-championship F1 races at the wheel of a Porsche 718 of the Ecurie Filipinetti. However, Schiller entered the race as member of the Ecurie Nationale Suisse, just as his team mate Jo Siffert in his Lotus 21. 


1964 Nürburgring 1000 KM – Heinz Schiller – Jo Siffert – Porsche 904 (904-069)

In 1964 Heinz Schiller acquired a Porsche 904 and got back together with Siffert for a number of long distance races. Meanwhile Schiller occasionaly raced for the Porsche factory team, notably at Le Mans.  In 1962 he finished 12th in a Porsche 356 Carrera Abarth with co-driver Robert Buchet. In 1963 he shard the wheel of another Porsche 356 Carrera Abarth with Ben Pon for the Porsche System Engineering team. The car had to cope with engine troubles and forced them to leave the race. One year later, Schiller teamed up with Gerd Koch in a Porsche 904 and finished 10th.

After that Schiller dropped from the international race scene but remained a Porsche dealer in Geneva. In 2007, Heinz Schiller passes away after a heart attack.