The history of the Porsche transaxles started with the Porsche 924. Among Porsche purists, the Porsche 924 has never been welcomed. The somewhat stronger and, honestly, more aggressive looking Porsche 944 gained somewhat more enthusiasm.  And the 2 Porsche transaxles left, the Porsche 928 and Porsche 968 experienced the same.  Despite the disbelief of the purists, approximately 390.000 transaxles Porsches were sold. Obviously the relative low price of the 924 and 944 had a big deal in the sales figures.  In the book “Porsche 924 944 968 928”, Thomas Futz tells the history of the Porsche transaxle icons. 

Porsche 924 944 968 928 – sample page

The book starts with a short introduction to the transaxle models in general, and the start of the history of the Porsche transaxles. It all started with the design of the Porsche 924 and Porsche 928 in the 70.  After the introduction, dedicates the author a chapter to each of the different transaxle series.  Unfortunately, there is little to no mention of some very special models like the Porsche 924 Carrera GT. On the other hand, a unique model as the Porsche 924 Targa gets a 2 page attention.

Porsche 924 944 968 928 – sample page

“Porsche 924 944 968 928” is written in an easy readable language. And the least you can say is that it takes effort to read. The book is generously illustrated with dozens of pictures. Most of the pictures may look familiar to you as they originate from the Porsche archives. However,  you can find pictures from some other photographers too.  The last chapter of the book brings you a very short summary of all the technical data of all the Porsche transaxle models.

Porsche 924 944 968 928 – sample page


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Is this a book you really need to have ? In our opinion it isn’t. We believe there could have been much more detail on the history of the Porsche Transaxles, and on each and every model in the series. On the other hand, we realise the author had not the goal to write an encyclopedia about these cars. So he had to make choices and decisions. And as a general introduction to the transaxle model range of Porsche, this book is a worthwhile entry.  And with a price of under 20 Euro, there is hardly room for disappointment.  You’ll have to master the German language and we don’t think there will come an English translation. Why not give it a try?


Porsche 924, 944, 968 und 928 Book Cover Porsche 924, 944, 968 und 928
Bewegte Zeiten
Thomas Fuths
Delius Klasing
April 8, 2020
128 pages and 119 pictures