Porsche 964 : The modern classic


Even though the Porsche 964 has not always been the most popular among the Porsche 911 model series, times seems to change. Nowadays, the Porsche 964 has become a proud member of list of classic cars that are being looked at with desire.  The Porsche 964 turned into a collectible classic car.  One of the people that got intrigued by the Porsche 964 is Paul Koebrugge. And his passion for this modern classic led to the presentation of  the book ‘The Porsche 964 : the modern classic”.


Koebrugge spent many hours talking with the lead exterior designer of the 964, Benjamin Dimson. Furthermore, the author had access to the Porsche archives, who provided him with tons of information, and pictures. Bring all this together, and the result is sort of a bible for the Porsche 964. The book starts with a  short introduction by the author, in which he explains his passion and love for the Porsche 911. The author tells nothing new in the chapter about the history of the Porsche 911. However consider that chapter a mandatory number to warm you up. And once your temperature gauge reaches the good level, the author starts revving the engine and gears up.


“Porsche 964 : the modern classic” covers the complete history of the Porsche 964′. That history starts with a look in the secret garages in the suburbs of Stuttgart. These storage facilities store the cars of the Porsche Museum collection. One of the cars has the internal name “Porsche 911E 19”. That prototype is an aerodynamic study, of which many elements have been implemented on later generations of the Porsche 911.  That includes the Porsche 964, which had the flat foor used in the Porsche 911 E19 prototype.  A chapter of over 30 pages tells us all about the design of the Porsche 964.  Koebrugge describes all details, and illustrates his text with numerous sketches, pictures and illustrations.

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Many different versions of the Porsche 964 have seen the daylight. “Porsche 964 : the modern classic” dedicates a separate chapter to each version.  The chapter on the original Porsche 964 accesssories is just 2 pages with pictures. I think that’s a missed opportunity. For many purists value that information rather high. And probably, they would have appreciated a more indepth study of the accessories over the chapter the author spends on the Dutch Police Porsche 964. My personal opinion : I would have tried to cover them both.

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One of the last chapters in the book has all the technical details about the different versions of the Porsche 964.  I leave it up to the reader whether it’s a good idea to have these information separated or better in 1 chapter. Sure thing howeer, is that both combined, make a good reference.  

The number of pictures and illustrations might overwhelm you. It will be difficult to find pages in the book that have no pictures on it. Yes we like that. After all a picture tells us more than a thousand words. On the other hand, from time to time it works a bit contra-productive. We have the impression the balance goes into the wrong direction from time to time. But consider that a personal opinion, and it should definitely no reason for you to keep your hands of the book.


We don’t see in-house published books that often. And we must admit this is a high quality one. We do recommend ‘Porsche 964 : the modern classic”.  The book will give you a complete overview of the Porsche 946 model range. You’ll not only learn about the history of the Porsche 964. You get tons of information and figures about each and every version ever produced. And on top of that,  the wealth of pictures makes it a perfect coffee-table book too. 

“Porsche 964 : the modern classic”  can be purchased directly from the author via the website www.porsche964themodernclassic.nl at a price of 89€ plus shipping.

Language : English


Porsche 964 : the modern classic Book Cover Porsche 964 : the modern classic
Paul Koebrugge
344 pages and over 850 pictures