Porsche – Restaurierung von Serien- und Rennfahrzeugen

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Wege zur Perfektion ( The ways to perfection)

Restoring a car is not the easiest job one can do. Many underestimate what really has to be done to bring a car back to a perfect condition. Most of us don’t even have the slightest idea what  a restoration involves. in the book “Porsche Restaurierung von Serien- und Renfahrzeugen” explains Jürgen Gaßebner what a restoration process looks like.

He explains which process techniques are used from the body to the engine. If you consider starting the restoration of a classic Porsche, we can advise you to first read this book.  The author had access to the Porsche Museum workshops during the restoration of several cars of the museum. That includes series cars like the very early Porsche 911 (chassis 057), and  a Porsche 911 Carrera RS.

Sample pages -porsche restaurierung serien und rennfahrzeugen
Sample pages -Porsche Restaurierung Serien und Rennfahrzeugen

The restoration of a race-car is even more difficult than a standard series Porsche. And that is clearly described with separate chapters on the restoration of the Porsche 956-005, that made it’s debut after restoration at the 2016 Porsche Soundnacht. Last year, at the Retroclassics in Stuttgart, Porsche showed Porsche 917-001. The restoration of this particular car has its own chapter in the book too.

Jürgen Gaßebner points out the paths to perfection in Porsche restoration, above all on the basis of factory restorations, and explains what is actually feasible and sensible. The book concludes with a chapter on Hans Mezger

This book is only available in German. Let’s hope publisher Motorbuch Verlag will have a translated version soon. 


Porsche : Restaurierung von Serien- und Rennfahrzeugen Book Cover Porsche : Restaurierung von Serien- und Rennfahrzeugen
Jürgen Gaßebner
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