Weltmeister durch technischen KO by Helmut Zwickl


In the 60s, the author Helmut Zwickl was without any doubt the reporter the most close to the Porsche Factory Race team. Zwickl thanked this privilege to Ferdinand Piëch, who once gave him full access to the Porsche team during races, after race leader Peter Falk made the remark Zwickl must have been a spy, since he was seen strawlingacross the Porsche garages so frequently.

Helmut Zwickl published the book about the astonishing race season for the Porsche factory race team first in 1969. Back then lots of what is public knowledge nowadays, was still top secret. No detailed books about the Porsche 917 and other race cars were published yet. That’s why Robert Weber of Petrolpics decided to convince the author of a republication of this book describing the complete 1969 race season for the Porsche factory team.

1969 was not just a race-season for Porsche. The objective was plain and simple from the start of the saison. Only the world championship was good enough. Porsche was so determined to reach their goal, funds seemed to be unlimited. At the Daytona 24 hours, no less than 5 factory Porsches were competing. Just because of this fact, a Ford mechanic said ; “If Porsche really is a small manufacturer, than Ford had to enter at least 30 cars for this race.”

7 out of 10 world championship races, Porsche raced to victory. 6 of them by ‘technical K.O.’ This book describes in an amazing accurate way how Helmut Zwickl experienced this amazing season. Not only does this book read in a very pleasant way, it is filled with facts and data, and dozens and dozens of pictures of an amazing race-season leading to what can be considered the maximum a race team can get during a season.


Author : Helmut Zwickl
Publisher : Petrolpics
Language : German
Pages : 232
ISBN : 978-3-940306-25-8

Weltmeister durch technischen K.O Book Cover Weltmeister durch technischen K.O
Helmut Zwickl