Cars and Coffee at the Autoworld Museum in Brussels

The Autoworld Museum in Brussels, at ‘the Parc du Cinquantenaire’, houses a permanent collection of cars, reflecting the complete automotive industry. Thanks to the generosity of the Mahy family, the Autoworld museum has hundreds of cars at their disposal. Next to the permanent exhibition, Autoworld has several special exhitions every year, like the 70 years of Porsche sportscars in 2018. To celebrate 70 years of Porsche 356 in Stuttgart, a special exhibition running till end August 2020 puts the Porsche 356 in the spotlight. No better occasion to emphasize that, than having a cars and coffee with dozens of Porsche 356 all parked on the esplanade in front of the Museum.

Cars and Coffee Brussels Autoworld Museum

Even though there was nothing much to happen at the Autoworld, except for the exhibition ofcourse, quite a few Porsche 356 showed up. The blue sky and sun above Brussels made the atmosphere even better. The drivers of the classic Porsches all had a big smile on their face. For many of them it was one of the first rides after a long standstill due to the pandemic. Many members of the Porsche Classic Club of Belgium drove their Porsche 356 to Brussels and had a great afternoon.   No more Cars and Coffee’s are planned to put the Porsche 356 in the spotlight, but that may not disencourage you to visit the exibition.  Visit the website of the Autoworld Museum in Brussels to find out more about opening hours and directions to get there. 

Picture gallery Cars and Coffee at that Autoworld Museum in Brussels

Pictures courtesy Dirk Ivens